by Carolyn (Kansas)

It’s 12:30 am and I just can’t get to sleep.. I’m 14 years old and I’m scared, mistake and mistake after mistake after mistake.

It gets old.. /: help me to get through tonight so tomorrow will be a good day, I’m supposed to see my best friend.. Just keep me strong. Please lord.

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  1. God bless you, sweetheart!

    Something about the tone of your prayer makes my heart break for you. I remember being 14 and lying awake in the dark and crying from having so many worries on my mind that I couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that things happen to the best of your ability as long as you make the best choices you can in life. As long as you do that, then you’ve done all you can do. And God knows this and will reward you for your good heart and for your sweet, considerate efforts. I can see, truly that you do have a good heart and good intentions, and therefore I know that God can see it too. For God can see and knows that you are a wonderful person who needs her heart soothed.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Stay the sweet, considerate girl that you are, who trusts God for help. And when you feel alone or lonely, or at the end of your rope, speak to God as if he were right in front of you, saying “God I can’t do this without you. Please carry me through this for I can’t do it all alone.” He is listening. And think good thoughts into being, and expect them to happen. For God says that if we believe, He will grant us our prayers. It may not be the exact thing you are asking for, but it will work out.

    I am praying for you, sweetheart, with my own broken heart right now. I wish I could speak to you directly, but I do pray that God will grant you rest and serenity. May God bless you and your family greatly.

    With love and blessings.

  2. For Carolyn

    Carolyn, I’m sorry Sweetie, I spelled your name wrong in my last comment (another mistake, eh). But don’t worry, my prayer for you will still get through. It’s corrected now!

    Sleep easily tonight, Bless you Carolyn. x

  3. Sweet thoughts

    Dear Caroline,

    Everything is ok, please don’t worry too much.

    Everything matters a little bit, but nothing matters that much, believe me.

    Relax my lovely. Think sweet thoughts of happy times and nothing else, you can drift off to sleep.

    Praying for you, let me do the work, ok honey?

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  5. It's ok

    Sweetheart, I wasn’t 14 that long ago. I’m 20 now. I don’t know exactly what your going through, but if it was like anything I went through at 14, I know it’s not all easy. I had a lot of fun at your age, but I wasn’t always happy. There are a lot of people who can be very fake and pretend that they are something they are not to you. I can promise you that your future is going to be much brighter. I thought life was pretty much over after high school and that adulthood would just be boring. I was very wrong. If I knew how much brighter the future would be, I would have started being a lot happier earlier on. I will pray for you. I really understand you. I hope you can really take my advice to heart because I was there not that long ago.

    God bless


  6. He Will Help!

    I feel your pain, I have 3 teenage grandsons. Teens are supposed to be a happy time we are told but I think otherwise…Carefree? Perhaps, but there are so many things going on that it is very difficult to sort it all out…It is a time of mixed emotions, anger, resentment, envy and yes even some days are fun.

    I hope you go to will find a different kind of friend there. they will have a youth pastor who will be ready to help you. They are joyful there because they have found contentment in knowing where to find Gods love. Will you give it a try? May God Bless you and keep you under his wing. I will be praying for you.

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