by Kar ()

Please pray that Britani R, Brenda C, and Jokina C are removed from my life for good within this week Bind their wickedness and evil. Bind them from hurting anyone else. Let them feel all the pain they have caused to many people. They are evil bullys and need to be stopped. They make the work environment toxic but leadership has done nothing. Bind their tongues. Bind their minds and most not all Bind their evil actions. Bind them from bullying anyone else. Open leaderships eyes to reveal Britani, Brenda amd Jokina true evil self to them this week. So leadership can see their true evil and beleive those whom told them about these 3 evil ladies actions and finally beleive them and do something . Let leadership finally take action against these 3 evil ladies and stop saying ” It will get better ” well it hasn’t gotten better for the past 2 years and God knows how much longer it has gone on before they came to my job. These 3 ladies need the Karma and waith of God to come back on them. Let them feel all the pain,sorrow, anxiety and depression that they have caused a lot of people. Thank you Lord. AMEN. May God bless you all

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