Help me have stronger Faith

by Amanda ()

Heavenly Father, most Gracious God above, help me today and everything day after to have stronger Faith in your plans for me. I ask you Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh the true son of God to search my heart and mind and know my worries, struggled, and all things bothering me and keeping me discouraged. I need you today and everyday to help me get through these storms that I have come upon and even put myself in. I can not wether these storms without you! My boat is getting heavy and murky waters are overflowing it and pulling it down. I need my load to be lifted so that I can stay afloat better. Whatever these waters are that are sinking my ship that I’m having a hard time pouring out for whatever fear that I’m struggling to face, help me face it and pick up the buckets and start scooping that water out. Help me be strong Lord. I am weak and so worried and so very discouraged. I will think I am doing the right thing one moment and then feel IV made a mistake the next. I have people around me that make me feel like my beliefs in the way things happen are false and even possible signs of mental illness. I feel I can’t express myself in the ways I would like to in fear of rejection and fear that I will be looked upon with pitty because I’m so delusional in my thought process that people shake their heads at me. It discourages me to the point I even start to question it myself. I start thinking, is this really all in my head? Have I bit off more than I can chew on false thoughts and hopes? Have I come to this point out of insanity in the idea that God and His Angels led me here? Do I just want so badly to hear from God and His angels and my mom who recently passed so desperately that I have created these false illusions that they are here talking to me, guiding me and sending me messages and signs? My people who believe in God and my people who struggle in Faith all look to my searching for answers as a bizzar way of going about things. I no red reassurance Lord God Almighty that these things aren’t in my head and that you and all your angels are here by me standing firm with their trumpets blowing the sound of them in unison for the call of battle. That my mom is still right here with me pointing me towards the paths I need to walk. I NEED desperately for these Divine interventions and I need desperately to have faith that this is real and not in my head and if it is in my head Lord PLEASE lay it all out in black and white for me no matter how hard the truth of the reality is. I’m begging you most Gracious and heavenly Father our most powerful God and divine being open my eyes to see the truth and open my eyes to see the lies! Please Father PLEASE help me with this. Help me close my ears to the negativity the doubts the ones who discourage my heart and make me feel so small. Help me have faith and strength in the knowledge that no matter what happens YOU ARE IN CONTROL, and that whatever happens it is for a reason and that you know what’s best for me and where I need to be and know what I need to do and how to do it and where to go to get it done. Send the right people to my doors and shut the wrong ones out. Let me open up all the right doors and invite the right people in. And PLEASE God help me with this Legalshield business. Help me figure out what to do what to say and where to go. I must have gotten here for a reason give me the faith, courage and strength and understanding and endorance and WORDS I need to prosper here and be effective and to do the right things. Give me patience and a still heart Lord. Calm my troubled spirit Lord please calm my spirit and give me peace of mind that no matter what you are in control and in the end all that really matters is that your will is done and my purpose here for you has been served. All that really matters here today and everyday all the way to the end no matter how hard or difficult it may be is that your will be done and served all the way to the end. All that really matters is that peace of mind and joy on my last day here in earth that I have srved you well and did my job and will be welcomed home into your living and loving arms and be apart of your amazing angels my mom included. I miss you mom. Please let me mom know I miss her and erase any doubts in my mind that believing she’s there are not false and if they are lord lay it out for me in black and white. Lay it out for me in black and white either way so that I can get past this hurdle this struggle this BATTLE within my self of the question is this all in my head? Get behind me Satan in the name of Jesus Christ Yahweh the true son of God I COMMAND you to get behind me and stay behind me Forever!!!! Forever far far far far away from me!!! Get me through this day lord. Get me through this day help me please lord. In your heavenly name I pray Amen.

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