Help at work

by antonia ()

This girl at work is making my life miserable. She acts like the world revolves around her. She has a big mouth and always talks alot. She complains, she brags, she dominates the classroom. She interrupts the teachers instruction. She manipulates the teacher, to have her way. She is always on the phone. Disrespects the teacher with her manipulation. She brings things to the teacher, gifts, snacks, homemade lunch and cookies so she can get away with a lot: text during work hours whenever she wants, talks out loud about personal life. The teacher allows her to get away with so much and the teacher enables her behavior and goes along with her wasting time. The teacher and her waste time, ignoring students,talking about their personal lives inappropriately in front of students and on their phone all thru the day. I pray they get caught and it is revealed to those in authority , I pray they stop being unprofessional and neglectful of students and stop wasting company time for their personal life, help me, lead me, guide me in the direction I should go. Thank you In Jesus name Amen

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