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To whom it may concern: I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone in my life(all of my children, all of my family members & friends as well as others) and everyone in this world including myself. We need prayers from A to Z. Prayers concerning Salvation in Christ, knowing & trusting GOD in everything from A to Z. Prayers are desperately needed for persistence in prayers as well as walking with GOD daily, walking in Obedience, the best way we can in GOD’S STRENGTH and not our own because we will fail at some point. Please continue to pray for all whom are LOST, BROKEN, BACK-SLIDING, CONFLICTED & CONFUSED or may be thinking about or walking away from their faith or GOD that they continue to be persistent in their faith or steadfast in their faith, cry out to HIM & lean on HIM by reading HIS WORD, THE BIBLE on a daily basis as well as staying prayed up. We all have moments that we are weak in our walk or our faith but GOD comes & does rescues us & brings us back to HIM. I had been struggling with my faith & my walk at times, but GOD brings me back or rescues me, and I am so thankful. Please continue to pray for our nation (everyone in our country, especially those who are lost whether they are old, middle aged or young from A to Z). We need prayers for health-related issues, guidance along with GOD’S HELP. We need GOD’S STRENGTH & HIS WISDOM along with A DISCERNING SPIRIT. We need GOD’S PROTECTION at all times. We need to know and stay in HIS WILL along with HIS HELP. We need ENDURANCE in our trials or testings, or tribulations, opportunities given to us to acknowledge & witness for HIM as well as prayer intercession for others, everyone including ourselves, because PRAYERS are SO STRONG & PRAYERS & DO WORK. Prayers are desperately needed for the times that we are living in especially for the times we are living in now on a continuous basis 24/7 non-stop. Prayers are always needed from A to Z, for the times that we are living in now and for everything or everyone else 24/7 non-stop. Prayers are always needed for our youth, our families, our relationships, our places of employment, our military, our special gatherings, our elderly or aged, our communities, our neighbors & our clergy, our churches worldwide, those doing GOD’S WORK or HIS WILL whether they may be in the mission field or not, as well as a lot of ministries & missionaries especially those serving the persecuted in war-torn countries or where extreme famine & disease exist. Please continue to pray for all of us for steadfast faith, doing GOD’S WILL & as well as ENDURANCE in our relationship with the TRINITY or GOD as well as our relationships with others especially with GOD. Prayers are always needed for our nations finest, healthcare workers, and everyone else in many places of employment from A to Z especially in the retail, restaurant or hospitality fields or factories or industries or trades. Prayers are always needed for the issues that we are now facing today because everyone is BROKEN in one or many ways due to sin or sins so that they may allow GOD into their lives, to heal them or to restore them and to make them HIS. I know just like everyone else in this world that I am a VERY BROKEN person due to my sins, past failures, bad choices or decisions & mistakes or errors but WE do have a SAVIOR name JESUS & nobody is out of HIS REACH. GOD LOVES US ALL(EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD), GOD CAN HEAL, RESTORE & HE CAN SAVE ANYONE & PRAYERS DO WORK. I KNOW it and I BELIEVE it. I am work in progress who is striving to STAY STRONG IN HIM, and it ain’t easy in my own strength but ONLY IN HIS STRENGTH ALONE. GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME. We gotta TRUST HIM & HE IS IN TOTAL CONTROL AT ALL TIMES. John 3:16-36, psalms 22, 23, 25,27,32:8, 34:4,42,44,46, 51, 54,55,56,57,61,62,71,73,77,80,91,95,100, 121,141, 142,143, any many books of THE BIBLE. WE ALL NEED GOD.
Thank you very much
Prayer Warrior in CHRIST

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