Healing strength fily friends need salvation

by Desiree ()

Need healing complete, I desire to grow in God & in Obedience to Him, also grow in boldness and love so can witness better.. *How would u answer this question: why does Matt 28:19-20 say Baptism Name of Father Son HolySpirit, but EVERY Baptism recorded in Bible after Jesus rose is in JESUS NAME? Would u say this would Answer the question?read ALL Salvation Scriptures.Remember Isa 9:6 John 14:8-9 Jesus IS God in flesh. He shall be called God, Father Everlasting Mighty. Father’s Name is JESUS. So Matt 28 MEANS Jesus Name Baptism cuz Father’s Name IS Jesus. Agrees with Acts scriptures #Acts 19:1-6 Acts 2:1-5  Acts 2:38. Eph 4:5 1 Baptism only. Even more in Acts. Recieve Baptism Holy Spirit Gift of Holy Ghost so u can get to Heaven. Such joy! Guidance Peace. Evidenced by Speaking in tongues. God gives the words.do u have BAPTISM OF HolySpirit (Gift of Holy Ghost, evidenced by Speaking in tongues)? It’s amazing!!
Matt 28:19-20 means Jesus Name Baptism- Father’s Name is Jesus. )

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