Healing from severe eczema

by Melsy (London)

Please pray for my 17 year old daughter who is afflicted by eczema all over her body. It affects her daily life and disrupts her schooling as she is at college. It causes her so much physical pain, she is always scratching and bleeding. She has scarring all over her body due to the condition. All this just started just over 5 years ago. It is also affecting her emotionally. At times it is too much for her making her so unhappy and as a mother I feel so helpless as I am unable to alleviate her suffering. She is under a dermatologist but it just has got worse over time.

I pray for divine healing for her from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. I ask that this disease no longer has power in her life in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray that her health be restored to how it was when our Heavenly Father created her in my womb. I rebuke this illness and command that it has no room in her body. Lord please touch her with your holy hands, anything not visible to the human eye that may be the cause of her suffering, I declare in the name of Jesus that it no longer has power in her life. Father you are the greatest Physician of all time, let your will be done in her life. Amen

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  1. Praying for your daughter

    My son is 3 and has severe eczema as well. I pray for them both and for us to have the he strength to help them get through this. Jesus will hear and answer us in his time <3

  2. Eczema - leave now!

    My son is 21. The eczema arrived when he was 3 months old; like thief in the night! My heart breaks every time I see him have these severe flare ups.
    My God, creator of heaven and earth, healer of all illnesses, heal the people that have been afflicted. Give them peace.

  3. To cure my baby boy Iwin of eczema

    Please prayer to Jesus to heal my baby boy who is now 1 year 5 months old completely from this skin disease eczema. Amen.

  4. Painful ecxema

    After gone thought menopause lpick up eczema it became so itchy imflame and skin overdry so doctor give me steroids it only help for a wk or two but as soon as I stop the pill back there again and all steroids do is destroy your body my body is god temple and I am not taking manmade medicine to heal me God is my healer and his miracle still work today he give us the grass and the food from the earth to heal all sickness and with his nail Pierce hand he can touch and heal our bodies I know God can heal me and radicate this eczema from my skin please pray for me

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