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Hi, There I want to ask for pray request and thank you for taking the time for my individual concerns. I have known for all of my life that my mind has worked differently than my peers ranging from memory capabilities, to be inattentive to information that is directed towards me and although through pray I’ve noticed it has improved it seems to still be a problem and it causes me to have fears in my future. My goals although its truly in gods’ hands is to gain a car within a month after my driving lessons, I fear that when driving I won’t be attentive spite the elimination of distractions. I haven’t quite decided my career choice, but one of the tops chooses I have my mind on is nursing and I fear that I will make a medical error on a patient if my natural inattentive is improved. I want to pray for my mother Christina that she finds a career that she actually enjoys rather than attends to pay the bills. I pray that God leads her to the right resources to find a fulfilling career and that her chronic pain in her body is relieved.

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