Heal the World 2022

by Joe ()

Grateful to all/any prayer(s), that can be intended for Miracles+Healings, Mercy+Peace, sending all ” Blessings” of Happiness, Light, Friendship, Truth+True always, to the “Kovach” family(Joseph Jojo Leslie Amora Freddie Autumn Alyssa Kurt Carl Betty Cathy Carolyn Chrisy Casey) alongside the “Napoli” family(Fred Sharen Gregg Rene Cory Peri, Hoping they found the Way🥰 We Would be So Very Appreciative, and We So “Thank You” Beyond words for taking this time for others:) Please Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior BLESS US with YOUR Return Healing all Heaven and Earth 🌍🌎🌎🌍 Past Present Future and Latter Day(s), alongside the Saints, as We LOVE You, Jesus, and Always Will! Lastly, Please Pray for a “Blessing” on/for the Music of “Wednesday Sky” as I BELIEVE Our Album: Wednesday Sky WIDE Eyed under the Dome~ I BELIEVE in You~ The Little Healing Room, CURING the Son is of God for EverMore Allowing Our Son ” Jojo” A Glorious Healing Now, To Walk and Talk and be the Healthiest Lil Guy on/in/& of GOD the Father’s Promised Land and Kingdom of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST to Destroy Sin Hate Crime Punishment Slavery WAR Murder Bad Intent Corruption Relentlessness BE Gone in the Face of The Mercy and Grace of Mother MARY, Virgin of All Virgins Showing Her Most Trusted Grace&Mercy in the Face of Death’s Destruction NEVER Again Returning any Health Ailments associated and tied SIN Never to Return to Earth Again! In the Name of The Father & The Son and Provide Us With “Your Most Blessed”Holy Spirit BAPTIZING in His Heavenly Name, Now&Forever World without End, Amen! Please, any Prayer Requests We Could “Pay it Forward” with, Do not Hesitate to Ask.GODBLESS You:) Joe+Leslie+Jojo Kovach Cleveland BELIEVELAND OHIO

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