Heal & restore

by Tony (Dallas TX)

My Lord Jesus

I ask you first that you restore and heal my Father. From all his sickness with kidney failure and give him back, all he’s lost. His health and all that was stolen from him in years past. Our family home, all he’s worked so hard for.

I ask you now for my mother, heal her back.
That her spine will be completely bran new & never have the pain she’s been in ever again. Give her all that she’s praying for, for are family for so long. Give her re leaf from all that has been taken from her as well.

Give my too wonderful for words, parents. A life full of blessing wellness and unspeakable joy.

Jesus I ask you for my all cousins and uncles and aunts. To meet every one of there needs. The ones who don’t know you or are struggling to. Go to them & let your Holy Spirit just knock them over. With Joy & deliverance from what ever is keeping them down or away from you.

As for me
you know all to well what I’ve been suffering with. My depression or imbalance in my mind and body. My hart problem are really too much to bear more times than not. Take these things off of me and let me shine again for you like I use to.
All these things I ask for my mother, father, me & family I ask to happen swiftly and soon. In the Name and the Blood of Jesus I ask All this


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