Guidance and mercy

by Lukhanyo ()

Dear Jesus
Thank you for your blood on the cross;dying for our sins so that we may no longer live in sin but are saved by your blood from all Earthly curses and condemnation. Thank you for the family and friends that I have,the food we have on the table everyday thank you for the gift of life;I live and breathe through your divine protection. I ask that you guide me through the evil that has overshadowed my life turning it into total misery. I ask that you give me strength and the will to speak not only words that will hurt and destroy but words that will heal and uplift. I ask that you show me where I need to go to get healing from the curses and evil spirits that are being sent to me. I ask that you restore my honour amongst people for I have dishonored myself and am subjected to live a life that is not worthy to be called a Christian. I ask that you clear and render all weapons fashioned against me so that they may not prosper and silence all tongues that stand up to speak against my healing. I ask kindly to guide me to a life of prosperity and purpose. I ask that you restore my health and bring the love back in my family for there is too much bad blood and envy within the family and it has affected me badly so as to influence my everyday life, my hope was to make everyone happy now I am no longer happy with my life because now I am left to live a life of lack. Forgive me my transgressions as I have learnt to forgive those who have hurt me, forgive me for only crying out to you in times of need.

In Jesus name
So be it!!!

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