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I invite the lord and everyone with good intentions who sees this. I am writing this today because I have lost my way. I pray to God still even though I feel as if he is not listening to me because he’s trying to teach me a lesson. Me and my boyfriend of 2 years (makes 2 on December 3rd) have taken a break that he wanted ( a nicer term). We had plans to get engaged and everything but eventually the little arguments turned into something huge. I am praying for restoration and healing of my relationship. I know in my heart it is meant to be but we can not do this on our own we need a prayer put over us in order to change our stubborn ways and hurt we have endured in the past. We need help in controlling our tongue when angered. I know of what I have done (not cheating but not speaking the nicest things when I get hurt or angered) and I feel like that’s part of the reason I’m going through what I am currently. I ask onto thee to remove every negative block that has been put into our relationship, make it new and good. Help us learn to communicate with each other. Let us speak love even when we are angered. Let us find healing, peace, and reconciliation when everything seems to be against us. I ask that with your prayers and help you can help us make a covenant with God. I have been really sad since the “break” because I feel as a piece has been taken from me he is my Bestfriend in one and we always made sure we had each others back. I need guidance and healing myself but I also know he’s going through things as well but he doesn’t have the support team I have. I want him to know that I am here for him when when no one else is. I am that shoulder he needs to lean on when wounded in whatever it is. I want to be his peace. Lord please help us. Everybody with positivity please not only pray over me but us as a whole. I want God to not only hear my prayer about me and him but every time I come to God to pray about anything. I want to feel you when I feel the world has turned it’s back on me and I see nothing but a path of darkness. In Jesus name I pray amen. I need you now like always.

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