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Holy Spirit please speak wisdom, comfort, and peace to my child and open their ears and spiritual heart to see situations in the spirit and lean into you and ask you for guidance. Please be my child’s defender in each situation. Teach her to follow you well and give her discernment in leadership and conflict. Reveal to her any issue she has at the core of her worship so that she may confess and repent and ask forgiveness and seek your righteousness without lifting up self righteousness. Help her to show grace and mercy to others. Help her to discern when to reveal matters, when to be silent, and when to seek Godly counsel. May she always seek your counsel. Protect her and use what was meant to harm as good. Give her your strength in her weakness. Do not let her be looked down upon because of her youth. Show her how to season her words with salt so that she may have an answer that is clearly from you and not of the flesh. May there be no selfish ambition; May she be a peacemaker. May her walk with you be steady and she keep your eyes on you. Please keep her in your will so she has the utmost peace and safety and peace. Let her seek you and give her favor. Let her friendships be strong and let her find fellowship with you and with those ministering also. Let her accept correction and learn, but also come to you when she has been offended and wrongly accused. Let her seek your face always in every situation without complaining but casting her cares upon you and truly listening to you and answering when you call her. Let her understand you are the shepherd and she can not be the shepherd for others in her peer group nor be the Holy Spirit. Let her test thoughts and motives against your wisdom. In Jesus Name Amen

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