God’s Will

by Alex (UK)

Dear Abba

Thank you for being my Lord and my provider. Thank you for being my rock and my fortress in times of trouble. Thank you for rebuking and correcting my false pride in my own abilities and teaching me how to understand and trust in the precious promises of your word. Thank you for helping me to withstand and to overcome situations and circumstances outside of my control and beyond my limitations.

Lord, I look to you as a child looks to it’s father. I wait on you as a doting and confident child. I ask you for your help safe in the knowledge that you give me whatever I need, provided it is within your will and; I stand firm in the belief that you will never leave nor forsake me.

El Shaddai, Jesus my saviour. You have been my faithful comforter, you have watched over my steps diligently and protected me from all evil. You have wiped my tears and put a new song in my mouth. You have heard my prayers and enabled me to be a conquerer over all those who seek my defeat. You have crushed my enemies on each side. You have delivered me.

I ask you today to bless all of my plans so that they shall surely succeed. I call on you to continue to do your good works through and in me.

Please establish me, and root me in the purpose for which I was made. Bless me, exceedingly and abundantly beyond all I can think or imagine today.

Make my cup overflow, in the presence of my enemies, with all the lovely things that you have promised to me. Lord God, guide me to do the work of your hands here on earth for the glory of your name.

Lord you know where I have been and what I have been through. You know that I have been broken and I acknowledge that I have been restored by my faith in you. I am ready to return to the workplace Lord.

Uncompromised and uncompromising. Use me Lord for your glory and set me in a place that fulfill your word and your will.

I pray this in Jesus Christ’s name.