God’s Grace & Goodness

by Angelica ()

Dear Lord thank you for your many bountiful blessings. Thank you for the breath to live life. Thank you for the opportunity to continually do your will. Forgive me when I don’t. I know there are many times I have been silent with you Lord. Please forgive me. Deliver myself and Kendrick from the things that would distract us from doing your will. Forgive us for getting ahead of you Lord. Forgive us for shacking up before marriage. Lord we desire to be married to one another, deliver us unto your holy matrimony. Forgive us for procrastinating in fulfilling our purpose. Forgive us for being blind. Let us better understand your word and wisdom so our prayers can move mountains. Please help us to not only pray and ask but help us to listen and follow your word. Help us to fully trust in our prayers and your word. I would love God to have faith as strong as a mustard seed, I know sometimes many of times I let fear, doubt and depression lead me astray but I yearn to be with you God. I ask that you come in my heart. I ask that you come in mind. Remove any negativity from not only myself but from Kendrick also. As your word sharpens my spiritual growth, I ask that you also sharpen my life, my home, my finances, my outlook on life, my relationship with my parents and my daughter. Deliver Kendrick from the indifference he encounters from his children mother, I pray that you open Unique’s heart and spirit to allow her and Kendrick to coparent amicably for the children sake, please Lord may your will be done. Dear God I want to say I’m asking for alot but I know nothing is too great for you God. I have faith you will be mighty and do more than what I ask but I’m asking not only for myself God. I’m asking for my son Dj, please don’t let me to continue to live in grief and despair. Please heal my broken grieving heart. As I know, like you God he wants me to live life abundantly. Deliver me to peace, prosperity and help me and Kendrick to persevere through these trials and tribulations. May we continue to seek you, may all our needs and requests be met by you God. In all that we ask, all that we seek, and in all that we do may we forever be grateful to you God for you are more than a provider, more than a protector, more than a teacher. You are the great I Am and I am asking for you to come amongst us in this season and the next, and may your miraculous presence be welcomed always, in Jesus name I pray Allah Amen.

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