geting back 10 full the heart og prayer

by anna ()

HI my name is anna but i thing i would like to be called anna i have basically been go seens 14 yaers old Iam 53 to day 10 30 1969 just now in a recover home 7m claen ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” my dad has caener two 5 strocks and is 83 my family has problem with my mother and father on earthe as will as i but not as much if that maders my father is a jehovah if it maters proble the smareter one out of it all really if u think how locked down thay keep cheach other from falling back in the world how know all i know is we are all looking for the same thing god repeit and love and food s.m.f. ok my needs are healing for the hole famliy my father needs the respect from all us girls in packing arder
my sister carrie needs the respeit one should have beimg the oldesd and need to no how she is need by her dieing father and sister no mater how mush of a relationship we have with oneanother we still have one bad or good just do not what my earthe father dieing with unfixed stuff i belive god is biger then ae family problam ” ” ” there are 4 gril iam nuber 3 and my mothe is with god so just us 4 dad and his wife jone how is tougher than nails ans very kind and sweet by thy probably needs parey aswilly for her and her 4 or 5 +gandkids as will as all the grils kids and kids of theres there is so much iam not saying but i dont think i have to becoues are god is big and power over all thing thank u

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