For the Love of My Life

by Lindy L ()

Heavenly Father, I ask for prayers for the love of my life, my fiance’ and his business. His wallet was stolen which included his driver’s license, social security card and passport. One, or several horrible individuals have hacked him and have attempted to gain access to bank accounts, take out loans and have stolen his social security number which lead to his number having to be completely removed. Every piece of identification he had to identify himself was stolen or is locked in a safety deposit box in the bank. He’s an Independent Marine Engineer whose been working offshore for four months now. The job he’s doing was to be completed within three months or less.This occurred right after he went offshore offshore.Two accidents occurred, the second which, he was knocked unconscious for 46 hours, left with a severe concussion and could have killed him. He’s in need of $30,000 for shipping cost to replace equipment in order to complete the job or he will end up in default of his contract within the next three weeks. All of his bank accounts have been frozen and until he can get back on land and go to the bank personally to identify himself the accounts remain inaccessible. Because of this he is unable to come up with the money for the shipping cost. He is unable to leave the rig unless the work is completed or he ends up in default of the contract which then will be too late. He has reached out to other colleagues he’s helped out in the past financially when they needed help but no one has offered to help him. He’s willing to double their investment ($60,000) in return for the help within 30 days or less (upon completion of the contract which will take about 5-6 days). I’m on disability and have not been successful in getting help for him. This was to be his last job. He was retiring after this job. In sixteen years of being an independent contractor this will be the only job he’s not completed and will loose millions of dollars rendering him unable to retire. His sole purpose for retiring now was for us to be able to spend as much time as possible over the next year and a half with his daughter before she goes off to college abroad. He is an amazing man who didn’t deserve this. He’s in the position he is due to being hacked. These people have no idea the destruction they have created in this man’s life and has completely altered the course of his life, our lives now. I’m asking for prayers from everyone to ask God to please intervene and help him. With God all things are possible. My fiancee is a Christian, reads his bible numerous times a day, prays several times daily and we pray together every night together before we get off the phone or texting. We are thankful to our glorious father for all our blessings and for the gift of life. We seek prayers for help, encouragement from all those who are willing and would be very much appreciative. We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

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