for protection of my children when I’m away on work duty


hi, my name is donesha my prayer request is that my children my be protected by the holy spirit while I’m away on work duty , also that my son find himself in the lord as children get older they stray away in teenage/ adulthood and at times when they or hanging put W/ friends or even family members that or not trying to live a righteous life it’s even more so hard to show them who they really or due to the fact they see relatives being unholy then once they get back home they start to change and become disobedient, i’ll like request a special for my children’s protection in the lord that the lord my guide them in case something bad happens to me , and as for myself my prayer request is that I follow the commandments of the lord surrender my life to him so that he can use me as a vasel to do his will that he may block every attack of the devil in my life and give me a clear vision of what it is I’m called to do that I may do so with a willing heart in jesus name amen . and THANK YOU

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