For all God’s children

by Crystal ()

I want to pray for the elderly who are wise men and women who snuggle on a daily basis to survive from people who lie cheat and steal from them. I ask you put your armor of protection on them. They have suffer enough. It is why iam who iam today. A better person because of their discipline and of their guidance. My heart is so full of love for them. It undescribable. Give them strength to survive the health risks that has been created by the devil. We know who and only who has power over this world and everything in it. God I ask you to not have mercy on the ones who are causing all of this. It’s time to send your angels for the babies the children. Iam your servant my will is your will. Always and forever. My love for you is beyond of anything of this lifetime. It never dies. My heart belongs to you. I will stop at nothing to show you that your forgiveness strengthens me. Show me who is good and evil. Show me what I need to do. Because I will bring life back to this world. Whoever is willing to step up to me and stop me. I will unleash the mighty power of love. Good or bad I know it hurts me to have to harm someone. But I see why it has to be done. The devil has no power over your children. I will restore liberity justice for those who deserve it. when her bell rings. Even the people who went before their time will rise. It’s only people who will survive and succeed to become something beautiful are those who turn to you for life’s guideance. Who are ready for life and who are sick and tired of the hell they put themselves through. I ask you God to have mercy on the ones who put their children on the streets for their own selfish reasons. That those who didn’t deserve the life that was given to them by choice. God knows your heart stay pure protect it from evil people. And never change who you are inside. That is your true identity nobody can take it away. But they can try to scar it if you allow them. Stay true to yourself you know who you are God knows who you are. all that matters don’t believe the lies. And remember Jesus loves you. No matter what no matter what youve done. Look like sweet you want change your life. It’s like when we were kids. If you Seek him he will find you. Listen you will hear his voice calling your name. Follow your heart you will see him. There is light at the end of all that darkest. Love kindness forgiveness helping others along the way. That is doing God’s will and I want everyone to experience that we all deserve it if you stop harming his children. We make it harder on ourselves to hate then to love. It’s a better life and it’s easier

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