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Seems like everything is breaking, our porch and stairs (which God sent pur friend to help my husband fix them), then our fridge our stove now our truck which has no warranty its over 2000 to fix, my husband hot a deer with our older car on his way to work, only headlight got broken we got a new one but can’t pay someone to install the casing broke so it’s very loose, our bank is overdrafted every month, I can’t seem to find a way to save money, we havent gotten our irs refund, I pawned my wedding rings and my mom’s ring to get us by until payday, which is gone because I couldn’t pay our truck payment this month, I know something good will happen, we need guidance and support for our money, I don’t know what to do. We’re keeping afloat by God’s grace I know, but I can’t keep going on this way, our money seems to disappear quickly our bills are high my health insurance doesn’t pay alot I have high deductible and co-pays I feel like we’re drowning in debt, my marriage is better and my family is good I thank God for that but we need a huge financial blessing to get on track, thank you in advance for your prayers jn Jesus Name Amen

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