Feeling suicidal after 26 years of living in sickness

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Hi brothers and sisters in christ, my name is Jonathan. may i request you to pray for me for my skin to be healed. I have ichthyosis, rare dry skin condition. From head to toe, since birth. My skin regenerates too quickly, instead of every 27 days like normal, i grow and shed every 1-2 days. Because of the overgrown keratosis(skin cells), my skin becomes dry and scaly, shedding all the time. My skin metabolism is too fast. And the thickening of the skin cells blocked my pores, making me impossible to sweat and perspire, resulting in my unable to regulate body temperature and always looking red and inflammed. The issue lies deep within my gene and DNA mutation. Just like autoimmune disorder, my skin has a disorder. My body is constantly producing skin cells which is jeopardising my health. To be healed, my DNA, my gene needs to be mutated back to normal again. Scientifically its almost impossible as medical science has yet to reach its ability to do that. But nothing is impossible with God, He has my blueprints, my DNA, my gene! He is my creator. He knows what’s wrong with me and only He can fix me, my inventor. Please pray for my skin metabolism to return back to its original normal cycle, the way God designed it to be. Please pray that my pores will unclog and clear itself so i can sweat and regulate body temperature like normal. Please pray for a change in my gene mutation. To restore my DNA back to normal. Thank you so much for keeping me in prayers. May God bless you

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