my 3 brother

My name is RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA, I am 38 years old, I am a Malagasy woman, I live at the following address Lot III i 25 SOANIERANA Ankadimbahoaka, rue tsiampody Tananarive 101 Madagascar. Pray that this day will be a wonderful day for my three brothers Pray that they will be exemplary fathers for these … Continue reading “my 3 brother”

my 3 brothers

My name is RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA, I am 38 years old, I am a Malagasy woman, I live at the following address Lot III i 25 SOANIERANA Ankadimbahoaka, rue tsiampody Tananarive 101 Madagascar. Pray that this day will be a wonderful day for my three brothers Pray that they will be exemplary fathers for these … Continue reading “my 3 brothers”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray all around the world God, His angels, and His people will take control of prosperity, wealth, money, protection, peace, power, happiness, health, immunity, abundance, body chemistry, traumas, toxic behaviors, judgements, restoration, long life, wisdom, knowledge, karma, law, justice, success, luck, chance, addictions, gambling, debts, education, rejection, poverty & lack, hunger, safety, shelter, government, communism, … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that all those who are tired, lost, lonely, heartbroken, sick, addicted, hungry, homeless, cold, mental ill, scared, worried, any other negative feeling/action/lifestyle will turn every issue/problem/dillema over to God, go to bed tonight, get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow well rested, refreshed, happy, healthy, cleansed, joyful, sober, with eating ears seeing eyes … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Loss To Soon

Please Pray for my family member, Our Cousin whom Today, laid his Only Son, to rest…,For My Cousin Michael there Is No Answers, Only heart break, FEW will ever be able to understand. For Michael and ‘others’, “Father’s Day” will NEVER be a “joyous” day of celebration, ever again. I love you, Michael Cousin Chuckie


My sister is dying of cancer. My daughter, single mom to my autistic grandson, has lost her job due to COVID. My health is deteriorating and I worry incessantly. I cannot sleep because of fear, worry, sadness. I am expected to return to my teaching position in the Fall, and I am fearful that I … Continue reading “Strength”

for my son

Dear Lord please bless my son, Michael, on this Father’s Day. I pray that his children and grandchildren and stepchildren will contact him and that he will know he is loved. He does so much for everyone…trying to makeup for the mistakes he made a long time ago…seems no one is willing to forget..he is … Continue reading “for my son”


Standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people in this world that GOD can reach them with HIS LOVE, Repentance and Guidance. The only HOPE that we have is in JESUS CHRIST(OUR LORD and OUR SAVIOR) of the world. I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone from A to … Continue reading “Steadfastness”

Bless all Fathes of the World

Our Father in heaven, i pray for all te father’s around the world. Please bless each and everyone of them according to thier need, according to your Will and Glory Give them peace, joy , love and bring healing to their wounded heart and physical body, Cleanse and purity their thoughts from ungodly thoughts, harshness … Continue reading “Bless all Fathes of the World”


Dear god here I lay in bed asking god to come today and bless us with a financial blessing so I can go home and spend it with my wife on father days amen

Favor from God

I need prayer that Seth has the best Father’s Day ever. That his daughters get him or make him gifts & spend time with him. He’s an amazing father & friend. I adore him & I appreciate his friendship & attention on me. I need prayer for appreciation and gratitude for Seth being in my … Continue reading “Favor from God”

My Dad Needs Your Prayers

My father is currently on a ventilator fighting for his life in intensive care. I do not try to ask for a lot of things, but would appreciate your prayers during these times. His name is Tony. A great father, friend, and husband I hope he makes it through this.

Prayer for my father Damir

Please pray for my father Damir and his salvation. He is very close to repentance, let him repent in Jesus name. And accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. May he be blessed in Jesus name. As well let everything with my brother Mario and his girlfriend Josipa, may they also walk up to salvation … Continue reading “Prayer for my father Damir”

Healing for my son and mother

Father God please heal my mothers mind and heart . Please don’t let dementia take her mind away and heal her heart from attack. And lord heal my son from cancer let the tumor and lymphoma be removed from his body. Make both my son and my mother be whole again. In Jesus name.

Prayer request

I am praying for everything that God wants for me and my children Thomas Owen and Jesse – all the miracles that He can bring.. For my children’s father – God’s will to be done and him to be conformed to God, and . For love and healing and the Fruits of the Spirit to … Continue reading “Prayer request”

Help me Lord

Help me Jesus as I need to recover what u have been go thru and hurting and confuse from I phone and all of these that I am sort of crazy but I know who I am in Him as he always answered my prayers and all of these problem on thank u as I … Continue reading “Help me Lord”


I am of an older generation, therefore I do not have many years ahead to continue working. I would like to pay off all debts and enjoy retirement without financial worries.

My husband

Asking for prayer for my husband. He’s a great dad and husband but has been felling under appreciated. Would like a spirit shift in his life. Thank you


Heavenly Father thank you for this special day that you have given to us to celebrate all Fathers in the world. I lift them all up to you dear God that you may bless them with your Peace, Love, Good health, strength, patience , joy and all their hearts desires. Bless them father God with … Continue reading “Father’s”

Healing/ Forgivenes

Please pray for my dad on Fathers day and that there will be a healing in our relationship and I can forgive him entirely for past hurts, and be able to move on.


Hi. I had a biological father and he has passed. I have trouble seeing myself as Gods daughter because my father was there but not. He basically ignored me, abused me or criticized me. I feel like and orphan and act like one too although I have been a Christian for many years. It affects … Continue reading “Prayer”


I have a lot of mental problems I wake up scared grief worthless I’m saved go to church pray so much . I was given this life and I just want to live right if I can’t get anywhere I want to be with Jesus I am a person who is in great Pain the … Continue reading “Faith”

Happy Father’s Day

Blessed are you lord and blessed is your holy and honorable name. Blessed are all your works forever. Lord, I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day and thank you for making me a Dad. Amen.

Bless my Dad

Dear Lord Please be with my Dad. Let him have a peaceful night and feel better tomorrow. We love him so much and don’t want him to die. Let Dr find that he needs antibiotics which will make him feel better. Please find he feels a bit more hungry and a has lot more energy … Continue reading “Bless my Dad”


Lord bless all the fathers. Teach us to be better examples. Let us be more like you Lord Amen

Fathers Day Prayer

Our Fathers Day prayer can be very personal, for our birth fathers, or it can be dedicated to Our Father in Heaven. Why not make every day a day for communing with the Heavenly Father who rules over the entire universe? Father’s Day Prayer Yea, it was said in the ancient days Thou shalt love … Continue reading “Fathers Day Prayer”