False allegation

by Marcia ()

A woman has contacted police saying my son Jacob did something inappropriate during massage therapy. She wants $500,000 to drop the charge. My son is absolutely baffled by the allegation and is now depressed, anxiety ridden and angry. This is his life she has put in jeopardy, and he has stopped working and is living off his savings and help from his dad. The lawyer cost $5000. so far and this trial could last up to three years. He loves his work and has done it for ten years. He excelled in his class to earn his certification and his clients praise his knowledge and professionalism. This woman’s daughters and granddaughter have been to my son for massages and she decided to get one. I am praying these charges be dropped and his name cleared once. His lawyer feels this woman just wants money. She is also suing the owner of the place where my son worked for $500,000. Because of this he might also lose his license if found guilty. He treats each client respectfully and follows the rules of massage to a high level. Before all this happened he was getting prepared to move closer to his sister, he had to renew his lease and is stuck here until this all comes to fruition. He feels on edge 24/7 and just wants his life back. The insanity of her claim is baffling, it is so weird that it’s hard to believe. I can’t wrap my head around it. What she says makes no logical sense and we are praying it is obvious to the judge that it’s a false allegation and money is the object. Her intentions are evil and heartless. Good help my son.

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