Desperate Prayer for a New Start in Life and for Healing

by K2 (USA)

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My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? I’ve been calling out to You for months and years now and yet my prayer has gone unheeded. The rifts in my family are still strong and are growing stronger. Everyone still has health problems, debt problems, and incredible amounts of stress.

I can only thank You that my niece’s life was saved just in time but her problems will still continue to affect her for the rest of her life. She has developmental delay, life-threatening allergic reactions to common things, and respiratory problems that strike suddenly and require immediate transportation to the ER. My father and mother suffer from injuries and health problems that twist their bones and muscles, cause frequent and painful muscle spasms, and have other health issues as well.

My sister’s ex-husband digs in his heels to avoid his financial responsibilities to his child. There are some people who have stolen money from us, a family who can not afford it, and/or refused to acknowledge/treat us as human beings worthy of respect and fellowship and dignity. My own health problems are still causing me to suffer and have forced me to take a year off from school.

My apathy, depression, and anxiety merely increase day by day and I have lost my ability to have hope and faith. I feel hopeless and lost and my only companion is despair and massive amounts of school loans. I have no passion and I have lost my zest for life and any positivity. I am not sure if I can go back to school because my apathy for everything is so great I have lost even the ability to “like” things related to a career or anything else let alone “love” them.

I am so so tired of being alone with no one to provide comfort or a willing ear to listen. My friends are too mired in their own problems when I try to confide in them about the physical and emotional abuse I suffered at the hands of my previous boyfriends that have caused PTSD, my current unemployment, the extreme discomfort of my current living situation, and my health problems. I am so tired of always giving everything I can until there is nothing left but never receiving anything for my kindness and hard work.

Sometimes I feel like a free mental health counselor and a hamster in a wheel… going and going but in the same place and so alone. I do not even know if writing this will help or if You hear me or if You even care. This is my last ditch effort my God. I am writing to You out of the last dregs of my Faith and the last shreds of my Heart and Soul if they are still even there. Please my God, if You are there and if You love me then HELP me and help my family. It’s a new year my God, 2013 A.D.

I ask that the pains and sufferings of previous years be wiped away and from now on it will be a fresh start full of Hope, Faith, Love, Joy, Wisdom, a Knowing for where and when to concentrate Efforts, and Success for Endeavors.


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  1. Desperate Prayer for a New Start in Life and for Healing - See more at:

    Please don’t lose faith, God knows how much pain you as well as the rest of us are going through and he knows which ones of us are his strongest soldiers!

    Lung Cancer Survivor

    Please pray for my son’s panic attack’s to stop and for him to find peace of mind.

  2. Desperate Prayer for a New Start in Life and for Healing - See more at:

    Please don’t lose faith, God knows how much pain you as well as the rest of us are going through and he knows which ones of us are his strongest soldiers!

    LUNG CA Survivor

  3. chin up :)

    I will be praying for you and your family. Don’t lose the faith! Don’t lose hope! You will get through this with His help. Even though it seems like He’s not listening, He hears all and answers all, in due time.

  4. Dear Desperate

    Never lose faith in The Lord. He is real and He loves you. We all have troubles in life, but that doesn’t mean God is not with us. My favorite prayer during difficult times is “Footprints In The Sand”. Pray faithfully, child. Do not give The Lord ultimatums. He ALWAYS comes to our aide, but it is on His time. My prayers are with you. May your problems be resolved & your faith strengthened. Peace & love.

  5. You are truly blessed

    Did you know that before you prayed for help our Heavenly Father has already sent out his angels to assist you!!! Remember our Lord works on his time, it may feel that he doesn’t care but in actuality he has never left your side. I beg you as of this moment to begin acting like all your problems have been solved and you are walking in favor !!!! You have to have the mentality that all is positive no matter how bad it seems right now. Push yourself and expect the very best cause you are special and have a POSITIVE AND GREAT MISSION on this earth.
    So your family are going through aches and pains but believe it or not it is part of life ! Wasn’t our Lord crucified and endured the pain for our salvation? We need to go through trials and tribulations in life in order to make us better individuals and Christian people. Wake up all of you each morning and praise him for all he has done and confines to do in your lives. Yes, God is constantly working in your lives and making you all stronger by the minute. Get on the habit of at least five or ten minutes a day and read his word. But constantly praise him even thou you think there is nothing to praise about believe me you have so much to be great full for. Remember you and your family have been anointed by the great master who will never give you more than you can handle!!!! Praise, read his word and believe that you are here to help others that are going through your same situation. I have been there and continue to be tested but God has showed me that he has never left my side and definitely has never left yours. God bless you and your family for you are truly blessed Amen

  6. Here has always been with you. Always!!!

    How many times I can say I have more or less been in that same situation. One thing that you must know is that we serve and belong to an almighty God. Even thou it feels that he is not listening to us or cares let me assure you that he has sent his angels to assist you. I need you to think and act, I know it will be hard in the beginning but live like all your prayers have been answered !!! In order for us to be strong and live the life God wants us to live we need to go through test in life. These tests make us stronger individuals.
    At times I thought and still think I can no longer bare my trials and tribulations but out of nowhere and of course a good cry sometimes, I find the strength to continue and carry on. Did you know that the year has not ended yet and the blessings and favor he has in-stored for you and your loved ones is amazing.
    You will return to school, your parents are at the age where yes their joints will hurt but they are strong and will persevere !!!!! Your sister and family members need to read the word, if only five or ten minutes but we need to show faith and most important believe that he works wonders in all people’s lives.
    For those that stole from you, forgive. Yes, it’s hard but try to forgive for they will be at your doorstep asking for forgiveness and trying to make mends with you and your loved ones.
    Last, please don’t ever feel like you are alone !!! Jesus is just a breath away!!! Speak to him, write to him, keep a journal and you will see how he has blessed your family but you don’t want to see it. When you wake up in the morning Thank him for prayers answered, thank him for your health and the speedy recovering of your family. Thank him even for the running water.
    May the peace of our Lord be with you and your family always and smile for he has saved and blessed you already and will continue always. In Jesus name. Amen

  7. Prayer for u

    I have read your prayer – n I will pray aswell to the LORD whom is loving in all.. Dont feel alone for HE is there with you always, even though @ times u feel alone or even though it may seem HE doesn’t listen or care – trust me HE does- for remember your cross may not b as heavy as of others –
    I will pray for your family n their health n financial citation –
    Please don’t loose hope in our Lord Jesus Christ- for sometime he doesn’t answer prayers n that’s his way of answering them- the fact that you found your way to this page n prayed on here n then I was able to read it n will b praying for you-
    Hang in there n continuously look for the LORD in all you do – make your life about GOD, surrender it all to him – THNK him for the things you do have n continue to have –
    Start thinking positive n reliving yourself that everything wil change – start seeing your days as blessed ones n how everyday will b a good day find the positive n beauty in each n everyday focus on the good – you can do it –
    God bless u

  8. answers

    I hear what you are saying. It is a bad thing to have a feeling of dispair. Love is the strongest emotion there is. To get to a place that is good and positive with all the things that have happened in your life is not easy. I am sorry. I hope you overcome these challenges. There is a documentary or book which ever you prefer that can help you. It takes time, it does not work over night. but it does work. If you have heard of it or seen it and say it doesnt, watch it again because you missed something. “the secret” is a way to live a life of gratitude. You absolutely need to be thankful for everything, everything! Stop thinking about the bad that surrounds you. Even your family problems, only focus on your own. Then you can move forward to them.

  9. for K2

    K2, I will gladly offer a prayer to St. Jude that he will intercede on your behalf with God our almighty Father. I don’t know if my prayer will help, as I am unworthy, but I will try.

  10. Support

    I feel your pain but please don’t lose faith. Jesus loves you for you are his child and he has helped keep you strong and will continue to do so until you are back on your feet.

  11. to K2

    Dear child of God,
    i feel so much like you. So much strife, brokenness, loss and lack of passion. I too have felt god has forsaken me. I’ve been thru terrible losses and accurances that surpass the last 18 months. I’m so broke i am one thousand over my credit limit and cant pay much on that. I feel very alone and worse i have not seen the Christian community reach out. i felt mad at God. i am struggling with anger alot and anxiety.. I have to believe someone cares for the single women with fatherless children. I’m trying to be thankful for waht I can and hope the father takes care of us. Peopel will let us down but I believe God really doesn’t desert us. If you want to write here is my email and It would be so cool if we could be friends and happen to be in the same state!! what a difference a friend can make and i know that is ot easy, especially these days. I don’t have a car or even a home anymore.

    I need help to those out there who can. I really need a reliable vehicle, more money coming in, and a home again. I also wish and pray god would bring a wonderfull christian man into my life as a best friend first to be an umbrella of protection for my children and i. Thank you jesus! Amen.

  12. May God be with you always!

    Hi I’m sorry to hear that you and your love ones are suffering. Continue to have faith in God. You seem to be a strong person. God do listen and see that you are in pain. Sometime in life, we all struggles and learn to appreciate when good things come into our lives. I had struggles before and do now appreciate what God has blessed me and my love ones. What I’m saying, just keep on praying and love God. He will work miracles through your faith. I know it is hard when you are struggling. May God be with you and bless you with good health and many happiness!

  13. My God

    You made me cry. I felt your pain and your sorrow.
    I’m sorry you are going through this. I will pray for you.
    You are not alone.
    I am here. I’m suffering too but pls don’t give up.
    I’m been through a lot. I don’t know why and how I’m living my day to day but I’m trying.
    May God bless you everyday and take away all your troubles.


  14. In response

    I cried and cried reading this…..may the prince of peace hear your cries….may you sleep well at night, may Our God hear you today, right now. My heart goes out to you.

  15. Strength

    I too had several years of one thing after another digging me deeper into harder times. Yet after several years there was a tiny glimmer of hope that was starting to shine. This too will come for you. I am still reminded that I am not in charge of my life as curve balls are continuously being thrown. I choose to accept the challenge and face it head on as Jesus would have done…..NO FEAR! Trust in the Lord….it will get better!

    I pray for your new start in Life and for Healing 🙂

  16. I understand

    Im there myself. I will pray for you. I feel that no one hears my prayers. Im lost and every door seems closed. But hang in there . Its hard every minute of ever day sometimes I get it. But hang in there. Reading your prayer made me very sad but reminded me I amnot the only one out there that feels this way. I will pray for you. Funny thing is I don’t think GOD hears prayers for me but when I pray for someone else I know he hears so I will pray for you and I know it will get better. May you find some light in so much sadness.

  17. Trust, Trust, Trust

    Trust the Lord with all of you heart sweetie. As long as you have breath in your body, each day is filled with blessings. You may not be able to see them with all of the negativity flowing around you. But I promise sweetheart, just look up. God hears you and He knows exactly what He is doing. We just have to do our part and have faith. God is going to turn your trouble around and your status is going to change. You will be successful in all that you do. Your relationships will change. Your finances will change. Others will be blessed just by hearing your story. I wasn’t even supposed to be here on this site. I came looking for something else and found you. I’m writing you to tell you to get ready and expect nothing but the best from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don’t even know you personally but I love you because you a part of me in Christ. Take care and I know that many great things will come to pass.

  18. God has a plan

    May God hear you, bless and heal you. You are not alone. Look outside wherever you are right now. See the trees, the grass that grows, the birds, sun and sky. Praise God, thank him for those gifts. Each day, add one good thing to your list of that God has given you. Being able to see, walk, feel, smell. Then do one small, kind thing for someone else (a stranger). Open a door, smile at an elderly person, feed the birds.

    You were born with gifts that only you know you have. Look at them and be grateful……slowly, you will see change and more of God’s blessings will come to you and he will show you his plan. Give up the darkness to light and let God carry your burdens.

    We are here to do God’s work and love and help one another. I will pray for you that you will see what God wants you to see.

    May God protect you, guide you and wrap his arms around you with all his love and protection today and all your days.

  19. hello

    I felt sad too. I prayed a lot . The next day I was told to surrender. I accepted the sad feelings. accepted that it is where I was suppose to be. The next day I felt so much better. try to accept the sadness and it will vanish. when it vanishes you will have strength to find new great things. trust me. it worked for me.

  20. grandson brandon lee Bosaki Ruben RGonxales

    mydear god i belive in you please help me andthem my husband has been sisk for 5 year.he gets worst at night. i know i did said for better arr worst. we are both dibetic. help he has been rrfusr to see the Dr. i said to him pleasr firstgod and then see what dr have to say but no. now my grandson injail he dosent belone ther injuly10 thr jude michael judy wanted to sentence him for 5 to 1year but he workgo to school he had car acsedent was a deadin it no drug ate alcohol. plrase help him and my husband.

  21. Attitude of Gratitude

    I will pray for you and your family, but I can tell you that you need an attitude adjustment. Make a list of everything you are grateful for. Like your niece you said then you went on to say but…. well everything after BUT is bull…. 1 Thesilonians 5 :18 I think,,,, THANK GOD IN EVERYTHING. TRY THANKING GOD FOR YOUR SITUATION. HE HAS YOU RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS YOU. Oh yea stay away from the loser boyfiends.

  22. I pray that you will start seeing some positive changes in your life

    It sounds like you have gone through so much and you really need someone to talk to as a start just so you at least feel heard. Then you can work on seeing any positive changes.
    I am praying that you go to your church and ask for a private meeting with the minster/father/pastor, whoever you feel comfortable talking to about all of your problems. I then pray that after you two talk then you two can pray to God together. I pray that with that and all the people here praying for you that your burden will begin to lighten. Know that you are always loves by Him and fellow brothers and sisters.

  23. Don't give up

    In these troubling times, you are not alone. There will be light and a lifting for you but don’t stop believing in God. I know it is difficult as we all carry burdens similar but he hears us and in him time not ours, he will help. God Bless and keep your faith strong even on days you don’t feel it.

  24. re

    I felt your pain as I read your prayer. Know that there are People out there that will also pray for your healing, continued faith in God, and a better life for your Family and You. I myself prayed for you and your Family. Know that I will be praying for you all again. Be blessed!

    In Jesus name,

  25. You Are Not Alone

    He is here with you, along with your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are Christones, Christians and should pray and support each other daily. I am here to let you know, that you are not alone. I am asking with great conviction that the Lord our Savior Alpah Omega Jesus, send his holy angels and the holy spirit to give your family and you relief of your issues, ailments, and any hardships. He is the most powerful; pray moment by moment and with conviction and never ever give up on him for he is always there. His grace is so big and Love for us is so strong that he knows the kind of suffering that we go thru each second. I have been thru life threatening situations where I asked him to take me if his will be done, and I am still here with much help from those people that were willing and were believers. I know now with gentle reminders on the way in my life that he is always there. Keep praying and looking up and rise with him for he is always with you.

  26. dont forsake Him

    please dont give up on our Lord. He hears you. In his time not yours. He will help you. You havent opend you heart and mind to him. Give yourself to Him and he will give you peace. Ask, and be still, then listen. He will come to you in your sleep and show you the way. Go to this link so that it may bring you the peace of the Lord and the holy spirit.
    God hasent forsaken you.

    Dont you forsake Him !!!

    I am praying for you!!

  27. His Word brings New Life and Healing

    Dear Soul, I am praying for you this night. The Lord God does hear and is very aware of your suffering. Look to the Scripture. Read the gospel of John and see the life of the Savior. How He was rejected and suffered though all He did was pure and teaching us about the Father. He lovingly healed all who came to Him (to demonstrate Who He is), and truly cared for the outcast and the lonely. Look how He finally had to be subjected to humiliation and death and remind your lonely heart that He did it all so that sinners like you and like me could stand before HIM in glory. But even now, if we truly seek Him in faith and humble ourselves that we deserve no favor from Him, He will tenderly reach down into your life and, more importantly, into your heart and make changes. He may not solve all the earthly situations as we please, but He will do exceedingly abundantly beyond all we could ask or think. And He will be behind you and in front of you because He knows and loves you so much (psalm 139). I am praying for you to put all your hope and desire in the Lord and His goodness. May He comfort and show you His ways. May we live to praise Him and be a light to others for our Lord. In Jesus name, amen

  28. Perservere

    I know it seems like things are horrible but believe that they could be worse. You will get through it. God has the plan already laid out. This is just the harder of the part. One day you will awaken with a sense of peace and your troubles will still be there but you can handle it. God puts the best soldiers at the front of the line. DON’T GIVE UP!

  29. It will get better

    I have been in abusive realtionships my whole life.I thought it was normal .I have learned in 40 yrs that their is something better out their we just need to be able to see it.

    I have let people come in and out of my life that have used and abused me. I have a handful of friends that are freinds and I cherish them .

    Feel blessed for the little things you do have and you will notice your blessing will get better and life will get easier.

    I pray that God will put his hand on your family and bless you with love , and contentment. May he wrap his arms around your family and protect them.I ask this in his name Amen.

  30. (cont'd)

    I have to say, after reading all I did, I felt at peace with what was happening in my life… LOTS if loss, from deaths, divorce, and then alienation of my children for the past 2 1/2 yrs due to the impact of my breaking under the weight if it all, and then the consequences… I lost EVERYTHING, and we had a VERY NICE LIFESTYLE while our family was intact… My children have so much anger (understandable), pain and confusion…still! So, yeah… I’ve been feeling pretty LOW, FORSAKEN and LONELY too… but I held on, as you have in posting this prayer here, to a very fine thread of hope, trusting God’s promises… and He showed up… He showed up in His Word and spoke to me, and He showed up, finally!!!, in a text msg from my daughter this morning which read, “I love you mom”, and He showed up in a phone call of apology from my mother who had treated me badly a few days ago, and her VERY GENEROUS offer of help to do some things that are going to lift my spirits IMMENSELY. So KEEP HOLDING ON TO YOUR FAITH AND YOUR HOPE!!!! You ARE NOT ALONE — you atleast have me now, and I will be here fit you and will ask God THREE TIMES (haha) to hear your prayers… And for His will to be done… And for your continued patience, perseverance and renewed strength. God bless you abundantly, and I send sisterly LOVE wrapped in a huge, warm HUG!!! “Wait on The Lord…” He IS so good! <3... ;D

  31. He has not forsaken you - He spoke to my heart 4 u!

    Hi K2,

    First of all, I KNOW your pain…or atleast very similar pains. I can just tell by the way you write that we have some things in common. I believe by the fact you are in college you are probably considerably younger than me – I’m 51, a divorced mother of a daughter, 21 and a son, 19. Secondly, remember! No matter HOW HARD IT IS, God said He would NEVER leave us or forsake us…EVER!!! I submitted a prayer last night because I was feeling the same as you — thank The Lord for this site and others like it… I felt great comfort after I wrote my prayer, and then I asked God to speak to me thru His Word. I opened my Message Bible (HIGHLY recommend that version if you aren’t familiar with it… You can Google it..), and I had a post it note where I had written to myself, “It’s not about me!!” Boy, did that ever change my perspective! It’s NOT about us, if we want to be true in our walk and purpose… We’re here to save souls. Period. And our sufferings, though sometimes almost UNBEARABLE, are to draw us nearer to The Lord, making us more and more like Him, which, again, is what God desires of His children. That post-it was marking about the 3rd chapter in 2 Corinthians, where Paul was boldly chastising the church, and He bared His heart – layer EVERYTHING out in plain language, no holds barred. After reading it, my entire mood softened, and I felt such relief. You can Google search the Message version of 2 Corinthians where it’s written as we have conversation today… It’s awesome. I also did a little more online searching and read a question-answer blog where the question was, “How many times should we pray for something?” The blogger’s response (He is a pastor and educator with about 40 yrs of experience) was that He followed the example of Paul who, when He asked God to remove the “thorn in his flesh”, he said he prayed three times, and The Lord replied, “My GRACE is SUFFICIENT for you; my POWER is made PERFECT in your WEAKNESS.” God used that “thorn” (translated, a “stake”), placed there by satan, to keep Paul humble, and He intended for Paul to make the best of his circumstances. The blogger said that no where else in the scriptures does it make mention of someone praying for God to remove an infirmity, but instead for God to use it to deepen their relationship with Him. His thoughts were that if God hadn’t healed you after three requests, He must want it to serve an important function in sanctifying and strengthening. He believed – and I do to – that God doesn’t want us to beg Him… He hears our earnest prayers, and acts accordingly to His will.

  32. Hope, Faith, and Love

    I too am walking in your shoes. I pray for you to feel once again in your heart, hope. Hope to renew your body, your soul, your spirit, your relationship with God. You are carrying a lot of burden, and just know someone on earth is praying over you. Let hope and your trust in God that your life, and those you love, will be joyful.

    God bless,


  33. Please don't give up

    I am praying for you with all my heart and soul. I am in tears reading your request because I know how you feel, and have been there many times before-emotionally and spiritually. I pray for the financial, mental, physical, and spiritual well being of you and your family. You are not alone; God WILL ALWAYS be with you. I pray in Jesus’ name that our Lord restore you, heal you,and give you a fresh start anew.

  34. God comeswhen u are at your end.

    I was feeling like you, where all hope is gone.But I thought about God said he would never leave me nor forsake me. Remembering He died so we could have life. His word does not return void, he does keep his word Praise God.
    Just think back on how he moved in your life and just began to thank him. So please dont give up hope, that is what the devil wants. Trust him, He said when all you can do is stand. I’m praying for you. God is working it out for you there is nothing to hard for God.

  35. K2 Rosary

    Hello K2,

    I mentioned I would pray the Rosary for you at our Church and have done so Lovingly, rest assured help will come your way as I have complete Faith in our Holy Mothers intercession.

    I am a Catholic Church head usher and devoutley pray the Rosary dailey.

    Please Pray for me too.

    God Love and Bless You,

  36. A wonderful prayer

    I can relate to what you are experiencing….I promise to prayer for you and you must keep the faith.God is hearing your plea and He is working on a divine plan for you. If I who do not know you care enough to write this…then think of how much more that God your Heavenly Father cares. This year will be better for you….just hang in there.
    Your sister in God sending you a big Spiritual hug,
    Joy 🙂

  37. Don't give up on GOD & Prayer

    My prayer is that you can mustle up the strength to realize that you hold the key to the Hope, Faith, Love Joy & Wisdom that you so desperately need.These strengths comes from within, not without.Please consider adding the ” Serenity Prayer” to your other prayers.
    GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can & Wisdom to know the difference.Also seek out a person or persons of strong faith & spiritual convictions to provide support.As much as you would like to change all of your concerns I suggest you rely upon the GOD that knows & cares about whatever we are going through. Take comfort to know He will never leave us nor forsake us.Read Psalms 23regularly & lastly, don’t give up on GOD & prayer.You are in my prayers.

  38. Prayers to you my dear friend...

    I was where you are…..aside from my prayers and your continued praying, I can only suggest one thing….when I started thanking God for those things I DID have, my life started to turn around. However it took me years to realize it…maybe you can benefit from my slow learning. Life can be beautiful but you must start with gratitude and then work your way up. I am so sorry you are where you are now. I wish you peace, happiness and God’s grace.

  39. God and his Servants, us, are listening

    Hi there

    God is listening and so are we. You sound like a wonderful person and it sounds like God is doing things through you to bring joy and help to others. All i can say to you is you are in my prayers today and i hope and pray things work out. God does listen and God does help those that believe in him. I also believe that what you believe is what you receive and its important that your mindset is on what is positive. Anotherwards there is an energy that we send out that effects what comes back to us and i think its all tied into the spirit.
    Believe it and you will recieve it.

    God Bless You! Steve

  40. Get up and take action

    What is the point to pray for something or someone in the sky. Something (in imagination) or someone to come down from somewhere to do for you what you have to do for yourself? You have been provided with what you have. Normally a sound mind, talents, etc. You need to formulate a action plan and take action. God provided the seeds, the ground, the water, the sunlight, but He is not going to make a garden for you. You have to do it yourself. You need to take a spade, dig the ground, plant and water the seeds. It is your garden of life. How did you learn to walk or ride a bike. Only by keeping on falling down and getting up and trying again, and again. God is not going to ride the bike for you. Take charge of your own life.

  41. Jesus hears You

    i cry as I read your plea for peace and healing. I will pray for the Lord to show you a miracle this year. Have hope, for it is the best medicine of all, keeping seeking the lord for he will show himself when you least expect it and discover the glory of God in your life. My prayer for you… May the Lord lay his healing hands upon you, take away all your worries and all your pain, give you strength when you can no longer stand and bring you peace and direction in your life. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  42. A New Year


    I am saying a prayer for you right now. You are going through a lot and that is not in question. I am not even sure what to write but i was nudged to do so. Look at simple things and find peace in them. Take a deep breath and feel the life move through you. Hug your family members and feel the love between you. You are special and God has not forgotten you. Know that you now have another soul that joins you in nightly prayer. I will also pray for your family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for someone other than myself and what I am going through.

  43. You are not alone

    My dear friend:
    You are not forsaken, for God is in everything. As hard as that my be to accept, there is nothing that is not God, even the heavy load that you carry. There was a great lady named Corrie Ten Boom who wrote a book called “The Hiding Place” (you might be able to get if from your library). From her, I learned about: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. It can seem like a senseless thing to do, but God does not require sense, only our hearts. Maybe this will help you – even if just a little.

    With Love,
    A Friend

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