Deliverance- the book of jonah

by Justice ()

Nimrod was a purveyor of sexual immorality.
The book of Jonah is the 32nd book. Genesis chp 4 vs 23 foreshadows polygamy. Malachi 2 vs 16 seals the punishment.
Jesus warned us about the number 4. He is the lion of judah.
In genesis chp 4 you have Cain coming along.
In genesis chp 6 vs 4 Canaan and Judah seem to be rising slowly to Ne.
Finally in genesis chp 10 vs 11, Nineveh is in focus.
Nimrod builds Shinar in genesis chp 11.

Just to be clear the name Abel was codified in Babel.
The name Cain was codified in Canaan
The conflict between Israel and Canaan is a continuation between the two boys of Adam.

Nimrod is a hamitic king that brings forth an agenda to increase corruption. His title connotes he had multiple wives. He is a remnant of the mighty men of old in genesis chp 6 vs 4.
The thoughts of man’s heart was evil continually.
The buying and selling of virginity brought about marriage certificates and fraudulent relationships.
Economic problems begun here because the emphasis on consummerism destroyed the skilled economy and social stability. Perversion and joblessness emaneted from excessive and false diet. This explains why Nimrod is a mighty hunter. This description may come from a victim of his subtle cruelty. The men of old forced the economy to grow but their blunt technique did not work.
Hamites are particularly strong like their father Cain. The nephilim is a combination of shem and ham. Shem is unique because he has both jepheth and ham within himself. (This should explain why the Holy spirit is simply Chief deity.)
Why the continent if Africa, which is the third born cannot defeat debauchery us beyond me. The musculature of Africans is a natural tool of prayer and fasting. Bit the governments within have promoted the love of money. Why black men love food I don’t know but to whom much is given, much is required. Africa
The second born or fourth born represents Jesus. Israel feared and mingled with the canaanites to God’s disappointment. The worship of women became their downfall.
Ezekiel says that the paramours of Egypt had the flesh of donkeys emissions of horses.
In the modern day, young men are affected by masturbation and filthy surroundings. These elements are negative towards a happy and progressive society.
The blessing of Judah in grnesis chp 49 vs 12 is clear evidence that emissions come from a corresponding diet. (He washed his garments in wine; His eyes are darker than wine and his teeth are whiter than milk.)
These are foods whose colors signify idol worship and satanism. We have diseases that have never existed from eternity past. There is a reason why our environment is green and we must respect that.
Daniel chp 7 vs 19, the teeth of iron and brass belong to tubal Cain.
Africa has a strong but basic economy.
The fourth beast is clearly ham/ Cain.
The number 4 is prominent in scripture as a warning against sexual immorality.
John is the fourth book of the new testament.
In the 11th chapter, and verse 4 in particular, we are warned against trying to raise up someone that God is killing. If God is finished with someone, that is final.

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