Deliverance from the devil

(Auburn, WA)

Oh dear Heavenly Father I pray for deliverance for my beautiful boyfriend and myself to be freed from this hold the devil has on us both. Due to this evil hold we have separated. The evil hold of drugs Lord. Please help us before it kills us. We know we belong to You Great Lord yet can’t seem to get out of his grips. I pray for Your Strength, Your Wisdom and Understanding to get out of his grips. I know I can’t do it alone Lord. I need You. We both need You. You are greater then any substance on this wicked earth Lord, please help us.. Thank you Lord for continuing to be by my side, never leaving me. Thank you Lord for bringing me through this hardship. But now its time Lord please help us please Lord. I am scared for the life of my boyfriend. Please Lord help him. Help him find You, feel who You really are. Please Lord help him out of the grips of the evilness he is in and into the arms of his Maker. Show him Your Beauty and Strength Lord. He’s in need of You now, please help him. You are so Good and Mighty Lord. Thank you. And one more request Lord, let us know if we are to be together Lord. Are we to become one in Your name Lord? My mind is so twisted by these evil drugs Lord. Please give me clarity. Let us know what we must do for You. Show us our paths that only You know.. Please Lord I am so lost.. I love you Lord, and thank You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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