Dear God

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I praise your Holy name. Thank you for bringing a spiritual friend in my life I can relate to. She is wonderful to hang around, even though she is 12 years my senior. She is very helpful when I need it. She listens to me and forgives me of my past, thus far. She is funny and bright. Thank you for bringing her into my life. Six years without a friend, besides my former caseworker over text, is a long time. You have really opened up my life since I rededicated my life to you, Jesus, a year ago this month. Everyone has seen changes in my life bc of you.
Please be with my friend as she sits in counseling. Let her heart open up with what you want her to hear of herself, so that she might be more slow to anger like Christ. We all have a history but we shouldn’t blame our history on what we do today. We should allow Christ to work in our hearts to change that history.
Please be with us today as we move my stuff out of storage. Let the rain not fall on us as we load and unload the truck, for this is the only day I can move; I already set the move out date with them.
Allow this day as a time of fellowship with my friend. So I can get to know her better. She knows a lot about me already. I have shared a lot through texting her. But she is more of a conversationalist. Lord, help me to remember my counseling skills to get her to open up so that our friendship might grow (which mostly involves active listening on my behalf).
I praise you Lord for bringing her into my life. She has been a blessing with her friendship, giving me transportation to and from places (like church, storage, shelter, then home). She texts me every day I text her; no matter how tired she is, she still tries to talk to me. I enjoy seeing her speed around the corner to come pick me up in her truck. It makes me smile every time bc we have the inside joke of me calling her “speedy” after she got that speeding ticket. She laughs at me every time I say that bc she has ADHD really bad and can’t help being in a hurry all the time.
I want to praise you God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: the Holy Trinity for filling my life with hope for a future. I need friends in my life and I never make them easily. Mostly, Im too intense for people. But you have sent me the right people to be intense around. And this time I can be intense about you and your Son, dear Father.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit today. So that you may be glorified in what we do together. “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.” So, allow your presence to wash over us, protect us, guide us, give us laughter, fellowship, and safety.
In Jesus name

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