Curses, hexes, vexes and witchcraft jnfliction

by Kimberely ()

Recently it came to my attention that an ex was an active warlock during our relationship and he admitted to placing a curse upon me. I feel that this curse was one of many along with a demon now residing within me. This demonic presence has came to hold me hostage on several occasions. It has used my voice to speak but in a language unknown to me or anyone that may be around me during these episodes. Therefore I am actively and aggressively seeking help from God thru God’s people to remove all demonic presence within and around me as well as any and all people places and things at which may be considered evil or that is not acceptable by God. I seek to have peace within myself and in my life once again and that this curse along with those that have and or are inflicting harm upon me in any way be removed off me and no longer able to continue their inflictions, curses, hexes, vexes, shakras, or evilness upon me or others. Also I pray that somehow the practice of witchcraft is removed from all our lives and they find God’s way a better practice instead. I pray that those harming me by their sinful evil demonic acts are rebuked and abolished from this earth and casted down to hell for all eternal life so they are no longer able to cause harm to anyone.

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