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Please pray that Savija Kotian will not dominate over her husband Ashok and gives him the liberty to live his life as she keeps dominating by casting spell on her own husband, whenever he talks on the mobile, she keeps a watch on him, does not allow him to use the mobile, does not allow him to talk to anyone, she has made him henpecked and that he should do whatever she says, he gets so scared as she is a very wicked women, goes to witch doctors to cast spell on her own husband. She does not clean the house, he goes to work in the morning and comes at night, 12 hours, he works, gets tired, he is not educated and works in the shop, to take care of the family, now she is forcing him to leave the job and look for another, i had spoken to one of his friend and got this job for him, now she does not even allow him to talk to that friend who helped them in their need, she is forcing him to get another job, as you know, how difficult it is to get a job, 3 months he was at home, my family looked after them but she is not grateful to anyone, she only wants her own family. does not look after her children but wants to sit and gossip with her friends and tells all her friends and relatives about her husband and puts him to shame. My husband is scared because always Ashok tells my husband that he will end his life only because of his wife. and he does not want to loose him. please pray that she stops acting wicked and does not do black magic and all her ego is cancelled and destroyed. All the evil she does will reverse back to her and finally she will know the truth and realise what people have done to her family in times of their need. She has to owe people money but she does not want to pay but wants to live hi fi life and sells booze in the house and make gold instead of paying debtors.

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