by Porsha ()

Please pray for my boys (13 and 9) and me. I’m a single mother, and need a breakthrough in every part of my life. Please pray for us to have more than enough money to pay our bills, and to have monies left over to save and thrive without me having to work all day and miss out on their lives. Please pray for me to remain completely healthy from all illness and diseases, so that I can continually provide for my sons. Please pray for them to remain healthy as well, so I don’t have any debt from illness or loss of time taking care of them from illnesses. Please pray for me to get a better paying job to be able to take care of us and all our needs and wants financially. A new job with better pay and less hours, so that I have more time to spend with and enjoy my children during their childhood. Please pray for a husband (God knows what’s best for us). Please pray for my peace. I need peace. Please take all this stress away God, so I can function and think more clearly. Pray for me to trust in God more. Pray for God to lead me, and that I have the discernment to know when it is God or from God. Please order my steps Lord. Please pray for our continued safety from any demonic spirits/warfare. Continue to cover us Lord God Jesus. Please give me more than enough strength to do this every day God. Please pray for God to send us a support system- mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially- from God. Please keep anyone from us that wishes evil and wrongdoing on our lives. Pray for the breaking of all strongholds, soul ties, curses, voodoo, generational curses, and any thing that is not of God or sent from God. Pray that God gives me us a supernatural discernment. Please pray for me to have more time to enjoy my life and my boys life. Please pray for my boys and my happiness and peace, continuous stable minds, and healthy bodies. Please pray God guides us and keeps our minds and hearts close and aligned with His. Pray that I can see/tell/feel and know when it is God/from God.

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