Are you listening Lord?

by Melissa ()

Father please hear my prayer for help. I need you more than ever, my life seems to get harder and harder each and every day. I seem to struggle with every little thing in life even opening my eyes and wanting to get out of bed. I pray my heavenly father that your still in my heart I feel at times that the fire you placed there is slowly going out (away). I was told that once I have the spirit it will never go away but I am not sure if that is true. I am pleading with you Lord to give me the strength to wake up in the morning to be able to take care of my daughter and granddaughter’s because they need me God and I don’t want to fail at being a good caregiver. Jesus I’m all messed up I pray that the fire you put inside my heart ignites and grows and grows untill your spirit is literally spewing from my pores. I pray that you give me strength to not only take care of my family but also be able to help others. I need you more than anything else in this entire planet. Father I pray you can hear me and will never give up on me and please lead me to my godly purpose. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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