Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Is homosexuality a sin? What does the Bible say about being gay? These questions are common among young Christians. To answer the question, I’d like you to meet Tyler. Tyler and I met at church. On Sunday mornings, whenever Id look up at the stage where he was playing keyboard, Id see his arms raised … Continue reading “Is Homosexuality a Sin?”

10 Great Reasons to Pray

Did you know that prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world? Many men and women will attest to the fact that their prayers changed lives, saved lives, moved mountains, upheld faith, got them through tough times, and so much more. Here are some great reasons to pray every day. 1. Prayer … Continue reading “10 Great Reasons to Pray”

How to Pray for Missionaries

By Brad Andres While all followers of Christ have a missionary call on their lives, that is, to take Christ to others, not all of us are called to specific people nor to specific countries in order to fulfill that missionary call. The seemingly extreme cases where people are directed by God to move overseas … Continue reading “How to Pray for Missionaries”

Healing In The Bible

There are many instances of healing in the bible. But, does that prove that God actually heals believers who pray to him? One of the most challenging times of any Christian’s walk with God is when they or a loved one face a time of illness. For many, it is easy to know God can … Continue reading “Healing In The Bible”

The Rapture in The Bible

The rapture is a controversial topic among many Christians. Lets take a close look at what the bible say about the rapture, and answer some of the most common questions regarding end-times. What is the Rapture? The term ‘rapture’ has embedded itself in much of the modern Christian church due to the dramatization of the … Continue reading “The Rapture in The Bible”

How I pray

* What prayer means to me is first by showing God that you are trustful, worthy and compassionate enough to pray to him and ask him for, forgiveness in his name and to heal others that may ever need to be healed spiritually, because to me if you are not at least one of those … Continue reading “How I pray”


I am stella single mother of one child. wheather i am on the way going,working, as long as the word of God comes to my mouth i say it. My favrite prayer is:- Our father who is art in heaven I dont pray it costantly but when it happens I say this prayer 50 times. … Continue reading “Receptionist.”

Prayers for my family

I have three adorable daughters although I for her. Ineed God’s blessings. My oldest daughter is lost in experimenting with drugs. She suffers from depression and is a single mom with two boys. She doesn’t go to church and neither does her children. She is so lonely being alone. She has a hard time taking … Continue reading “Prayers for my family”

Peace Time

Karen Native (New Orleans)Now in (Texas) I have to Pray 3 times a day!!for strength to except the things that i can not change, but to be able to deal with difficult people at work then home… i have learn to enjoy life after a trial as i’ve travel you learn to appreciate life, but … Continue reading “Peace Time”

my father health is not good he is in icu please pray the god my father

my father health is not good he is in icu please pray the god my father health is fast recovery please help me my family dependent my father please help jesus my father fast recovery please jesus please jesus Please jesus give me the blessings my father please god lPlease god Please god