Prayers for my family

I have three adorable daughters although I for her. Ineed God’s blessings. My oldest daughter is lost in experimenting with drugs. She suffers from depression and is a single mom with two boys. She doesn’t go to church and neither does her children. She is so lonely being alone. She has a hard time taking … Continue reading “Prayers for my family”

My cousin who is fighting gist cancer is now near the end

My cousin who is fighting gist cancer is now near the end of his life he’s been fighting for years and he’s still fighting to stay alive but he’s suffering and hurting he will be leaving behind his wife and 13 year old son.please help send prayers for this to end in peace and comfort

my father health is not good he is in icu please pray the god my father

my father health is not good he is in icu please pray the god my father health is fast recovery please help me my family dependent my father please help jesus my father fast recovery please jesus please jesus Please jesus give me the blessings my father please god lPlease god Please god

Please pray for my stepfather Jesse

Please pray for my stepfather Jesse. God please by his side as his life here on Earth ends and his eternal life begins. May he have comfort and be at peace.

How I Pray

I ask God to grant me his grace during the day. I pray to him if i feel I need him to uplift me, I pray if a very told me has a need i always remember him or her in my prayers or if i forgot when i remember i ask God to remember … Continue reading “How I Pray”

Praise the lord…

Hello..I m sheeba ..My Frnd not talking to me n it’s hurts me…In the name of Jesus Christ i want miracle happens in my life… Change my friend mind n soul …As soon as possible he talks to me. Amen

Please pray for my closest friends aunt dying of cancer

Please pray for my closest friends aunt dying of cancer. The doctors have said there is nothing else to be done. Aunt appears to be in denial and the family members are confused as to how to help because she appears to be well at one time and sick at another.

How to Pray for Missionaries

By Brad Andres While all followers of Christ have a missionary call on their lives, that is, to take Christ to others, not all of us are called to specific people nor to specific countries in order to fulfill that missionary call. The seemingly extreme cases where people are directed by God to move overseas … Continue reading “How to Pray for Missionaries”

Michelle needs prayer

I’m a single mom. My car broke so now I need a new one or to be able to move closer to my job. I am struggling with depression badly. I need prayer and guidance and love and help. Sometimes things just get to be so much and being strong all these years is wearing … Continue reading “Michelle needs prayer”

Healing of my mother

I pray that God will heal my mother “Mamosoeu Nkhahle”. Allow her a chance pray the salvation prayer.

My family needs your prayers

This family needs prayer, For drug abuse Mario, Healing from sexual abuse all of them need healing. Thank you, Susan

Grandpa in hospice not doing well today

Please pray for his suffering and for Jesus to enter his heart. He is a Catholic but I know how much he loves Jesus. He was a theologian and is a very pure man. He is in a lot of pain. Let’s pray for Jesus to hold him. Thank you.

the midddle chid

laugted at made fun of never had a chance at all my dreams im old now and feel left out born wih no money and will die broke but i pray so hard and am tankful that all my kids and grand kids are healthy married forty years till death do us part i pray … Continue reading “the midddle chid”

God is awesome!

Hello, I pray everyday to God…to help me with my anxiety, that I have had all my life,….I am now 56…and have been praying for healing from “severe” anxiety that I have been getting panic attacks and sickness for the last 6 months…for God to deliver it from me….so far I am still waiting, hoping … Continue reading “God is awesome!”

My prayer of guidance

A while back i was going through a very difficult time with family there was no-one else i could turn to so me being born a christian i turned to god i asked him to help us get the house me and my parent were seeking and to help my family see kindness in me … Continue reading “My prayer of guidance”