A.prayer for my son.

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I ask that you pray for my adult son. he has experienced a lot of hurt growing up and I believe he is doing the wrong things because his is still hurting. financially he is doing very well, but that has also changed him. He has turned away from God and his priorities is very wrong. Relationships with his family is not important and he has become extremely selfish. Everything has to be done his way and people are walking on eggshells around him not to upset him. on the other hand he is also very sensitive and takes things up the wrong way and then would not talk to that family member for a long time. He has also started experime ting with drugs just to feel better. he does not understand the concept of forgiveness at all. I believe he feels a deep need to be loved and to find his own self worth in God. even before he was born I prayed for him and told God that I would dedicate his life to God. Now it also feels that I have failed in what I was supposed to do. I ask that God shows me how to deal with the situation. When to say something and what to say. And above all I want God to send him good Christian friend and mentors and help him to heal on the inside. Also protect him from the avenues that he is experimenting with in an effort to find the answers to feel better. I also pray that he brings up his 2 beautiful little girls to be God fearing and k ow how much God loves them.

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