A prayer for love and peace in my home.

by Saundra (Kansas City, MO U.S.)

Gracious Lord, I am here on my knees begging you to bring peace into my home. I ask that you send your angels down to protect us and keep us safe. Lord, allow us to trust one another and allow us to be vulnerable with one another. Allow us the right words to speak and true feelings to share.

I am patiently waiting for you to grant me this request. Help us to love you more, love one another under you and love our children with all our hearts. Please cast away all negativity so that we can love one another as you love us. Guide us and teach us how to love as you love. In your son Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

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  1. Stressed

    I am stressed. Im not working im waiting for a loan to start a new business. Please pray for me for the application to go through kn jesus name i prsy. Ameu

  2. prayer for peace and banish any attacks from the enemy

    Dear lord,
    Please pray for me and my bf tommy. We are experiemce so much drama from his kids mother and we need her to stop trying to pulling us apart through his relationship with his daughter. She does not want to see me with him and we are trying to be happy together and shes bring confusion and disagreements. Please banish the enemy and bring is peace and love and togetherness.

  3. pray for peace in my home

    Pray that be peace in my home and for my health pray for ball the killing to stop ever where I just want peace in every home all over the world lord help us all the world need god please help every one my lord my god please help us all and pray for everyone please pray for us all please we all need prayer

  4. Pealse give me peace in my home father god I beg u xx

    Please give me peace in my home I beg of u feel so strested I need your help thank you xx

  5. Peace in my home

    My grandson lives with me. He is 11 and i do everything for him. His mom is in and out of his life. His father is a deadbeat and never come around. This kid stress me out everyday by being disrespectful. He talks back, will not clean up after himself. He wakes up every morning with an attitude. He mumbles everytime i ask him to do something. If i put him out, he will end up living a street life. His mom dont have time for him. If i ask her to come get him, she will dump him off on someone else. Help me to stop letting him stress me out. I need peace. In jesus name, Amen

  6. Please pray

    I am asking that prayers be sent to my home. It has been in turmoil for the past two weeks. My fiancé and my son have been at odd, to where my fiancé left the house to clear his head (as he say). We are to get together so the three of us can talk on Saturday , because we all want to work it out. I pray that meeting goes well for all of us!!!! I am so nervous about everything! I can barely eat or sleep. Please, God send all Angels to our home. Thank you !! Amen !!!

  7. Prayer for family peace

    Dear God,
    Im prayibg for a family peace within our home. Let the hatred go, let peace unite us as a child of God. Let the faith in you keep us all together. Amen.

  8. Peace at home

    Please pray for my family my dad always drinks and fight no peace at home request god to be the centre of out house and bless this house and grant us peace

  9. Praying for me

    I’ve let my nephew and now my brother move in my house that was already full to keep them from being homeless on the street. I just want for them to find somewhere to live so I can have some peace back in my home. Please pray for me.

  10. Grief

    Please pray for me to get to a good place. My husband died 3 years ago and instead of dealing with it I worked and got into unhealthy situations. Please God help me deal with this issue and be able to move on in life. I don’t understand but I love God and know he doesn’t make mistakes.

  11. Peace in our home

    Dear God,
    Almost a year ago my husband’s estranged daughter moved into our home. She hasn’t had the best home life and upbringing. She called over in the night and said she needed a place to stay until she got on her feet. It’s not working, she is 20 years old and does not want to learn to live independently. My husband will not set boundaries and be assertive. We live in a one bedroom apartment. She has caused a wedge in our marriage. It’s time for her to go so that we can continue to grow as husband and wife.

  12. Peace in my home

    I am a single mother of two beautiful sons. They are 23 and 19 years old. Recently I found out that my 19-year-old son will soon become a father, thou I know the word says that he has committed a sin I also know that my grandchild is a blessing for not many can bear this beautiful gift. I am still filled with disappointment and some anger and I am praying it away but I seem to be slipping away from my Heavenly Father. My 23-year-old son is caring the weight of our home burdens as I am unemployed since August due to a health issue. I am trying to find employment but I am sure many of you know how hard it is. I am afraid my younger son is worried about becoming a father as he is so young and he does not have a stable job either. It has been a long time since there has been love, peace, and joy in our home because of various reasons however I do know who I serve, my problem is I am impatient and feel the need to take things into my own hands and not have the faith to wait on my Lord. Also, my sister has been going through a really tough time, she was married twice, is going through a lot of financial and emotional issues not forgetting her health too. She sits with me every day and she is my stronghold and she relies on our Father as hers so I appeal to all my brothers and sisters to please keep us all in prayer. We all know that we serve a living God and that HE will never leave us nor forsake us and that he will always love us regardless of our carnal ways. Peace be upon everyone and stay blessed.

  13. Prayer for my kids and grandkids

    Lord I believe in you we love you Lord I will like peace in my home and peace in my daughter tifha home keep us in your prayers I am waiting on my disability I can’t work and I needs my own place dear lord and I need good faith for my 3 sons to get a job and make sure that we never goes hungry or without lord keep us in your hand father God let all my daughter Toya bills get paid and my health gets better Amen

  14. Prayers for peace in our hearts

    I’ve been in a relationship for 32 years and all we do lately is have terrible fights. I pray with all my heart and soul in the name of Jesus for peace in my life. I can’t live like this it’s making me physically ill. We’ve grown apart it’s sad but I just want peace and a normal life. I’m a good person yet I feel terrible and alone. God grant is peace in our lives.

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