A Miracle for My Dog

You probably think I’m weird for asking God to work a miracle and save my dog. I need my dog. I love her more than life. I hate myself for failing her. I can’t forgive myself for failing her. I keep seeing in her eyes her plea for help from me! I can’t stand it! God can work miracles. Please intercede for me and ask Him to save my dog. I have begged and pleaded all night and all day. He has never answered my prayers in all of my life, except once when a friend interceded and prayed on my behalf. Please intercede and pray that God works a miracle on my dog. Every time the phone rings, I think it will be the vet telling me it’s a miracle and she’s okay. I don’t want to live without her. Please help.

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  1. I love my dog...

    Feb 2 2017 at 9AM on a beautiful morning, without any warning, my dog seized… thrashed a little in my arms while urinating for his morning toilet, on the back porch. Then he turned his head to his right and let out a low howl for about three seconds. He is a Keeshond, and on Feb 4 2017 he will be / would have been 17 years old. I prayed for him, did CPR, drove him to the vet 15 miles away by myself… but when I got there… they said there was nothing they could do. I sobbed and cried… that was 11 days ago…and I went through his birthday with him in the living room. I cleaned him up, brushed him, and held him like there was no tomorrow. Believe it or not, I have been praying to Jesus in the name of Jesus Christ that he will resurrect this dog. I cannot bare to think of going on without him.

    I found out after the “event” that he was bleeding from the anus and out of the lungs… from chronic aspirin overmedication. It was all sudden… no advance notice. It is called SIPE… salicylate induced pulmonary edema. I was horrified. His lungs could not absorb enough oxygen, and he had a cardiac event and stopped breathing. Still… Jesus can do anything… and I pray in the spirit and keep my eyes on scripture continuously for the mercy of God.

    We have to do what we can medically for our babies… and watch over the vets shoulders… and let them know how important these little babies are to our lives. I live alone now, and am somewhat retired… so it is unbelievably hard. And as much as you think your prayer might be silly, think of how I look, sitting here… a man trained in the ministry… praying for God almighty to glorify himself and raise up this unworthy man’s dog… except for the work of Jesus Christ on the cross who makes us all worthy by his remission of our sins.

    Believe me, I understand.

  2. Both of you!

    I am asking God to heal your baby. I know how hard it is. I am going through the same thing with my dog. Please pray for her too. Her name isBrandi.

  3. My girl needs a miracle too.

    You pray for my girl and I’ll pray for yours. My furbaby has cancer in her uritha. I know my spelling is not good but prayers are all we need. God bless. Thank you.

  4. praying

    I am praying right now your words have just described what I’m going through we are on the way to say goodbye at the vets to our dog I am praying ther is a miracle and god has healed him when we get there

  5. after the rain comes the sunshine

    I understand how you feel. I own a German Shepherd myself his name is Roscoe. He is such a beautiful dog. Not to mention protective. I will pray for you and your dog and I will ask Jesus to help you get some healing mindfully , spiritually and heartedly, and to heal your beloved dog. Hang in there brother it’s gonna be ok.

  6. for your dog

    I am praying for your dog. I am in the same situation and ask for your prayers for my dog’s miracle. May God bless us both and mercifully grant our prayers.

  7. prayer for your dog

    i will pray for your dog, and you are not wierd at all…dogs are the greatest, i pray for mine all the time….if you tell me what is wrong with her i can pray more personally, and what is her name? God Bless

  8. I will pray for your dog

    I know what it must be like … I too love my dog more than anything. I hope she will be well. Have courage and fear not. Let me know .. thank you

  9. Trinity

    My baby girl’s sick. Trinity (three-pawed Min Pin) has Pyometra. I know that the only cure would be to spay her but she’s too old to handle surgery. She’s 11years old. Went to the vet, gave her antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and she’s on IV fluids. After a blood test, the vet said she has a kidney dysfunction. Brought her home. I believe in miracles… Need prayers please…

  10. Barney

    I have struggled with my prayers for a while but now will pray for all of your precious babies.
    My baby boy Barney is in hospital having undergone a massive surgery which has left the Specialist Oncology Surgeon somewhat amazed as he has never seen anything like it.
    My boy is an Old English Sheepdog who I rescued with his sister and two younger siblings. They are so very very precious and he is the best dog on the planet. He taught himself all his manners and even knew when he wanted a bath going to the bathroom and getting into the tub. Super boy.
    Not knowing if I will ever see him again please please pray for a miracle for my baby boy, although he’s 11 now he’s still my baby and even the others miss him. We have never been apart and its killing.
    Need lots of prayers please for a miracle.

  11. Please pray for my boy too

    My precious boy is going for a scan to confirm what the vet suspects is cancer.He is only 4. I lost my previous boy at the same age, so I don’t believe this is happening again.I am devastated.Please pray with me that there is no cancer.I feel for each and everyone whose pray requests I read and I pray your babies will be healed too….

  12. Torres Family

    Please Pray for our pride and joy four year old German Shepard Max he has been diagnosed with Cancer yesterday. Max has entered our lives at a very hard time 4 years ago when my dad was diagnosed with demencia about 5 years ago .Max has not only been a great pleasure to have around the house but has helped improve my dad illness. Max means so much to all of us and to have the thought that he is ill breaks my heart into many pieces. Please Pray for our boy Max during this very difficult time. thank you all

  13. Pray for me baby

    I just learned yesterday that my Siberian husky Meeko will be losing both of his eyes due to Blastomycosis. He is very ill and we have started treatment. The vet wants his eyes removed to prevent reinfection. He is only 2 and is severely depressed and not himself. I have been praying for a month now that god will heal him but he’s only gotten worse. Need prayers please!

  14. My Dog Needs Prayers

    Please pray for my dog who has been taking medications for a few weeks to help correct a strange illness that is puzzling the vets. He responded somewhat but may be backsliding. Please pray for complete healing and that tomorrow things greatly improve.

    Please pray for me right now as I’m so scared and sad.

    Praying for all of you, as well.

  15. My dog needs prayers

    Please pray for my puppy Cooper who in the past week has started to have seizures.
    I will also pray for your dogs!

    Thank you so much

  16. Believing for Gracee to be cancer free

    My baby girl is 10 years old. She was diagnosed having a mass covering 70% of her skull. I am praying for a Miracle! That mass will disintegrate quickly and be gone In Jesus name!

    I am standing for your pets miracle too!

  17. My Peanut needs prayers

    My little Peanut was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had his front left leg amputated. The Cancer has now spread to his lungs. I am asking for a miracle that this little tripawed be cured from his cancer. Jesus I trust in you!

    I pray in Jesus name for miracles for all the pets.

  18. My Sweet Little Boy

    I have a 9-year-old Cairn terrier, named Clyde. He is the light of my life and I love him more than my life. I lost my mother unexpectedly about four weeks ago and two weeks later Clyde couldn’t seem to walk right. Now, it seems he needs a laminectomy operation — the surgery place is two hours from my house and I need a ride there — not to mention help paying the bill for this surgery. Please, please, please, please pray that this will all turn out well. First doctor’s appointment in this long procedure to surgery is tomorrow at 4 p.m. EST.

  19. My beautiful, Arlo

    My corgi, Arlo, has a nasal tumor. He’s 8 years. He had radiation treatment that I believed was the miracle we prayed for because it was more than 90% gone. The vets were amazed and even said we weren’t talking lifespan any more. The tumor came back and he’s been doing chemo, but we don’t believe it’s been helping. Arlo is having another CT scan next week. I’ve been praying and begging Jesus for another miracle. I love him more than anything in this world. I’ll do anything to keep him in my life and to leave this earth naturally, of old age. He loves me more than anything too. Please pray with me asking Jesus to heal still like I know He can. Thank you, Virginia and Arlo.

  20. Please pray for Pac

    Our sweet senior blind pup Pac has distemper virus. It broke our hearts to see him crying out in pain as he has never done this kind of sound before. His treatment started today and if you would be so kind to join us in prayers that he would respond positively. Please help us pray that this will turn out well. This family won’t feel the same without him.

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