A Husband, Father In need of Urgent Help

by Matthew ()

I need help today I call on all prayer warriors I sound the alarm ! My Wife and Me has came under attack by spiritual Warfare of the devil. My oldest son claims he is of the new alternative lifestyle. In return our son went and made false aligations against me and my wife. To punish us for not condoning his life style . My son is 16 and the authorizes belived every word of his false storty . There is no evidence except his word against ours. However the authorizes came and took our youngest son as well The local ,state, national people who judge and make decisions will not listen to us they rather up hold the evil ways of the world today . My Wife has lost her job because now we’re in a legal battle not only to clear our name , They are trying to take our children , they want us to confess that what we stand for is wrong and admit to something that we did not do . If not we have to fight the legal battle to prove our words are true our lawer don’t seem to be much help almost like he is working with the enemy. IF we are found guilty it means they will take are children for good and then label us something we’re not . They already have gave unfare wages of child suppport to pay during this time to break us financially or take the risk of being in comtept of there evil court . The system is not just anymore and evil is filling the air . Please pray as me and my wife fight . This has had a marriage go though the flames but we’re still here together the devil has tried everything to tear my family and life apart . We go to court on the am of the 20 th of Oct Where we will start there court proceedings my 16 year old now stays with friends that helped fuel his sins allowed by the courts . I Ask for are youngest son to come home to us and my oldest son see the light and turn away from his sin full ways and that since the court only has his story against our story that the judge will righteous and see the truth amd know that the way of world is wrong these days . May GOD protect me and my wife and keep us under his guidance and light of protection that the enemies will fall on there feet . Please restore my life , marriage , family and our finances we have been under attack for over 100 days now Please help us in our time of need Amen.

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