A Grandmother’s Prayer

by Ron (Memphis, TN)

Dear God, my heart aches because I feel my grand-daughters’ pain. My family has been torn before, but never like this. God please bring my babies back home. We miss them so very much. I know you have all power and I pray this is your will. I surrender it all over to you for I have no power, but I do have faith in you, Lord God.

You know my struggles and my heart and you said in your word, that we have not because we ask not. Well, God I’m asking with all of my heart and my soul that you please bring my babies back home. Our family has not been whole since their mother took them away, and I was so very angry and hurt that I hated her for that.

But I know your word and I have been seeking you so that I may have the strength to forgive her. At this very moment I’m searching my heart and honestly I don’t know if I have fully forgiven her or not, but I’m willing to take up this cross and follow you. So God please help me to forgive her, in Jesus name. Shandice, I forgive you for taking my grand-babies away, I hope it was for unselfish reasons.

I pray that you can overcome any obstacles in your path and find love you those who misuse you. God please help Shandice to find peace. I love my Grand-babies Christian and Kirsten more than words can express, and they are constantly on my mind and in my heart. Please Lord, help my son Christopher, be moved on this Wednesday to have the strength to stand up and speak up for his daughters because I know he loves them dearly.

God please grant my family this blessing that we my be whole again and free to love again. God I just want to feel whole again in Jesus name. Amen.

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