A Break from Attacks and Justice to prevail for the Good

by Prayers Admin ()

Thank you for the many answered prayers and for the gentleness in your everyday teaching through lived experiences. Thank you for the protection you provide for me and my loved ones every day. Thank you for the future answers to my prayers- in Your time (of course). Today I come to you for peace, for justice, for relief and for the people and organizations needed to propel me forward in my career so I may move forward in life. It feels as though my family is under attack from all sides. We are not perfect, but we strive everyday to live in the likeness of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I come to You asking for miracles for my family and myself, for a break from evil attacks, for protection, for improved health, for justice for my mother and brother…and for myself. You know our countless needs and wants, You know how and when our trials and tribulations will come to resolve, and You know of the love for You and for our fellow beings that endures in each of our hearts. You know my struggles better than I do, You know the outcomes, You know I believe You have designed each person for a purpose. We are tired of feeling like we have to be on guard 24/7, but we know You are teaching us some valuable lessons that allow us to turn our messes into messages. But, we could all use some miracles to happen for us so we may continue to live long and share how You are the reason for our blessings and salvation. I am praying for miracles because each prayer request category is needed. Thank you for protecting us as much as you have, for the reminders to put on Your Armor to get through the days. Thank you for all the amazing people who are praying with me for my family, and for myself. We know the valleys in our lives are meant to bring us closer to You, to call on You. So, today, I call upon you to bring each of us out of this valley we are stuck in. I know we are Your soldiers and we are “fighting” in image and likeness of Jesus to the best of our abilities, but we are all tired and need some miracles that will give us the opportunity to rest and recharge and feel Your joy so we are ready for what will come in our future. I know it will be filled with more loss of those who are dearest to us, with more challenges that require us to remain hopeful, humble and strong. I know you give us double (and more) good for our troubles, and you will never give us more than we can handle, but please, my family needs a downpour of miracles and blessings that we renew our tired and weary spirits, affording us the opportunity to continue speaking even more of all Your goodness. Please bring justice to my family, protection for my brother, good health for my parents and for myself, and a break and resolve for all the pain and suffering and mistreatment each of us have endured these last few years. I surrender everything I cannot control to you, and pray for a multitude of blessed miracles that we enliven and renew and bring my family back together as one before You decide to bring Your eldest children, my parents, to our eternal home in Heaven. Thank You for Your answers to my prayers. Thank You for Your endless love and forgiveness. Thank You for always providing for our needs, and thank You for all who are now praying for me and my family.
In Jesus Christ name I pray.

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