For protection and righteousness for my daughter

by Mae ()

Please prayer for my daughter a nursing student who is a straight A student and honor college student who has been sent to her clinical assignments is a behavioral clinic for youth who are extremely dangerous homicidal criminal individuals . She did not request this . She went and was told to leave her stethoscope at home because the patients can use it to strangle her , there is no medical equipment at this facility ? It seems it is basically a holding place for unfortunately the most insane and criminal youth who make weapons out of anything! My daughter is scared for her life . This is a new cohort for the school and they have told her she needs to go to this facility they won’t transfer her to another facility . She has spent endless hours documenting how unsafe and the lack of skills she won’t receive here and they are so mean and won’t let her switch .
She’s devoted to the school she volunteers in every way . She is an all American athlete and academic too and a double major . It’s just unreal the way they are treating her and talking to her and demeaning her . She has reached out for support through athletics and the honors school and they have set up
Meetings but all they say is to learn coping mechanisms to deal with this mental institution ? She was told to watch her back
Make no eye contact with patients so that goes against the code of ethics of nursing .
She is as strong in Faith and integrity as they come . She has been through crisis with her fathers health as a child where she determined she wanted to become a nurse . Amd through COVID we lost 4 family members is 9 months then I her mother got cancer . She has been a pillar of strength and hope . She never complains or ask for pity or empathy . She is as tough as a navy seal! She is a caregiver , she is selfless . She has worked so hard to get this far . She is an academic and athletic scholar.? She’s so concerned for her physical safety and mental well being . As am I . She’s also streaks she won’t get the skills she needs to be employed as a nurse and is being told by the nursing school they owe her nothing and that’s no guarantees ? God help her . God send your angels charge over her to keep her safe in all her ways . God move mountains as only you can . Direct her path guide her safety and keep her under your wings . I’m the powerful name of Jesus I pray lord hear my all our prayers and intervene for
Everyone who is suffering and lost and confused and for my prayer as well ! Dear lord I surrender it all to you. Please take care of everything .
Amen .

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