Pray for me and Charity

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I previously made some requests of this. I was erroneous in my assumption of my long-time friend Charity having chosen a bad lifestyle. But she’s 1 of my best friends who I’ve known for 15 years. She’s like me since we met, was intro’ed to me thru a good friend who told me not to get with her. I listened. She’s shown me interest for years even while with him. He stayed with her till Jul/20 & then dated another girl. She has an autistic son from another guy. Months after stopping being with my friend, Sept/20, I showed her interest, that didn’t work, thru Oct/20-Jan/21 we were silent. Then she started showing new interest. We’ve talked a lot, hanged out a bit this year. I made a minor error a couple months ago. I make music. She wished me a happy birthday 4 weeks ago, at that point I texted her & said I’ll send my song I’m almost done making which I thought was soon. A week ago, I texted & said it took longer than I thought, but it’d be nice if we could start talking again & hanging out. She said she’ll think of it, I said I’m going to sleep. When I woke up I saw she called thrice, twice of which were video calls, 40 min’s after I texted her in the night, while I slept. If I woke up, obviously me & her would’ve a really nice convo, & would be talking & hanging out nowadays. We aren’t talking now, she’s waiting for me to send her my song in a week or 2. She’s liked me for over a decade. We’ve been close to dating this year, she knows I love her, she’s shown me she loves me. The fact she called thrice that morning’s a strong sign she’s realizing she’d like to date me soon. We have really compatible personalities & interest, know each other well, & have a lot of respect for each other. I know we’ll date 1 day or another, but I’d rather it happens sooner than later. I also know our relationship will lead to a future marriage (I’ve even mentioned this to her, & she showed strong interest (prior to my minor error a couple months ago) after I said that). Pray God helps ensure me & her start talking again & hanging out pretty soon, & start dating soon.

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