Prayer for My Husband

by Deidra ()

My husband of 30 years was caught stealing money from his moms account for which he was named on the account as DPOA. Today, the courts are reviewing whether his Mom needs a concervatorship and guardian which it appears she does as no other family members are willing to step by and care for her in such a manner now that she is in assisted living. My husband has reconciled with me and his mom and we have forgiven him. The rest of the family has not and we are concerned that they want to proceed to press charges of embezzlement and taking advantage of an elderly person. This was such a big big surprise to me. Sometimes I am tempted to think… I don’t even know my husband as he hide all this from me. Many accusations flying against my husband and me but no one in the family is willing to talk through this nor offer forgiveness. It is very sad. If my husband knew who He was in Jesus… and being feed by Jesus, the living water, I believe the temptation would have been there but it would not have been given into. Please pray for complete repentence for my husband, Loren. For complete forgiveness and restoration for Loren and his family. And please pray that the Lord guide me to His word so that I may learn to stand in love, truth, righteousness speaking who The Lord says my husband is for he has asked forgiveness and he is wiped clean now being a new man. Now may my husband’s mind be renewed and he walk in the victory of Jesus. May the Lord do what He must do to set my husband and family free so they are walking in the victory of Jesus. Thank you for joining me in prayer

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