Husband’s salvation

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Unfortunately Not just one category covers my prayer request. So, I chose Relationship. Mainly a true relationship
with God. My husband & God need to have a serious talk. My husband needs salvation. He refuses to believe in God even though he has seen God’s miracles. He’s a very angry self righteous arrogant mean racist homophobe bully adddict.
He refuses to go back to work, to follow through with unemployment, follow through with going on disability. He does have a very kind heart for cats. When God works in our lives after prayer he knows that both my mom, myself & friends have prayed to provide he is happy & grateful for a day or 2 then Satan gets a hold of him. His mom whose now in her mid 80’s has been supporting him. Now she’s unable yo & he refuses to believe she can’t help yet he knows why. She’s cutting off the funds because she no longer will have the extra funds. I feel like I’m venting but I’m crying out because I know God is for marriage & I know God has a plan for our life. More & more I don’t think it’s for us together. This year will be 19 years together. I just Pray God slaps him in the head to where he finally truly believes God & God will be able to save him.

I’m on disability & sell my plants that I grow to help support us. I’m soo lost as what to think anymore except to lift him up to God on a contionous basis. I’ve maxed out & I’m over on all my credit cards & my accounts & favors with friends & family to the point there is not much help left out there. I continuously get him out of the trouble he gets himself into with businesses & organizations with his mouth when his crazy angry & drunken highs get him into trouble. I need prayer that I stop enabling his actions. We care for over 80 animals on a daily basis throughout the city & I’ve tried to leave but no one would take me with both my dog & a few cats & no car. So much more… I pray for my veins to heal & the scar tissue to disappear. There is only one surgeon within a 2 hour drive radius that can put stints in. I owe this thorasic vascular surgeon money. My husband used the money that I raised for other things he felt was more important. So, I need healing prayers. Yes, I recieve God’s complete healing. There is soo much more. These are the major things I’d like prayer for.

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