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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I ask prayers to the Lord that Rachel will be faithful, love God, truly repent and convert, return to church, may she don’t be andgry or bitter, have zeal/finances, may she breaks yoke and honor parents, may she read Bible, please help us restore marriage… May she don’t ignore me and may they don’t be slave… I ask prayers for a job. I pray that my neighbor be born again, may they convert. I ask prayer for the salvation of my family and my job, I ask prayers for servants, diacres, pastors, choirs, evangelists, prophets, apostles… May people go to church and honor God, may Rachel honor God, I pray for irregilious and profanes, please help us with fines and finances, felp false apostles and (D, I, P, R, B, D, CDE, P, B, P, T, M, T, DS, PC, MIR, MEL, P, E, M, M, ET, ED, EH, H, C, E, P, E, A, C, D, M, CE, A, S, M, I, B, MDT, HUWE, MDT, M, B, T, C, DS, B, E, C, EC, MEL, U, D, S, G, PC, V, MDE, GP, E, P , G, C, R, LL, D, P, L, F, E, E, E, R, M, M, U, LH, V, V, MEL, A, V, C, B, EC…), for our finances, HUWF, HUWP1AP26A2C12, HUWA, MTBMA, HUWS, HUW1C6, MWDHR, HUDP, HUWM, MHR, MMR, GUOHAYP, MMR, MFPR, HUWJ, HUWOAAAQ, MTPRASM, MWRFE, HUWRAGTC, MEMGTC, MTADAWBS, HTBCAW, GUL, MTLTPATU, HUWE, MTBP, MTO, HUW HUWV, MTBMALM, MSSVALAS, HUWS, HUW2C6, MTBLC, HUI, HUWIAFAV, MTGF, MWEH, MLSL, HUWMC, MNC, MTSWTBHALTM, MSDDADP, MWHNFADBIOL, HUA, MTD, CT, HUWIFAM, HUWF, MTGAROAR, HUWFAC, MTSCAC, MTRABC, MTGMGG, HUWA, MTGMPANA, MTOAR, MTBC, MTBMC, GUS, HUWC, MTLTMAWAG, HUWI, HUMP, HUWH, HTBCANH, MTRM, HUHANI, HUGTW, MTHP, HUS, MWR, MTBNAS, HUWS, MTSA, MTAVAV, MWBSBAPALAS, MTDGA , HTBSARAL, MYAIAHR, MMR, MJR, HUWF, HUWQ, MWHGB, HUREAARR, MTSCAB, MTBVC,MTLMA, MTBCASA, MTSWP, MTGMM, OLBNMAOM, MPBUFABP, HUWFPADP, MTNDNASWT, MWHGB, MNR, HUNBD, MNLW, HUNBC, HUAQACATABIP, MTC, HUWF, MTSTOP, HUWP1AP26, HUWF, HUWA, HUWSAFRAPAE, MPARHUWNAB, MTSO, MWDHR, HUWF, MTO, MPROLTB, HUWC, HUWRL, MTFY. MTNNAPIMAFAL, May God keep, strengthen and bless you!!

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