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Father you see all under hand going on in our usps workplace right here in memphis tn several months employees leave without clock out mgr swiped time card so it show up as an error mail swap out on the street parcels coming up missing business mail been delayed whether they have door slot or mail room no one in upper management care anymore how poorly service the usps is running they allow these supervisor and employees to do what they do no matter how many times that area’s mgr being contacted now a breach with the scanner don’t make it no better they love to call employees snitches no we not snakes it’s the one that taken away from the usps when you bold enough to load mail in an 18 wheeler and back it up against the fence you bold only employees will have known this is the ones left at the station but God see it all they hired too many young people that’s out doing the oig inspector but God’s see it all I never seen a party with grins on theirs faces from supervisor and the one who’s stealing stand up and laughing about how they get over but never less they don’t have a care broke heart or disappointment how they get over in the usps there a fire rage inside the supervisor that’s say he always going to have a good day yes he need to be placed on a judges stand with a live lie detect machine for several days but he think he winning but God’s say don’t judge let them have their fun when’s the final hours come let God’s who’s see all these hateful employees doing do the justice and judgment because we all know’s they can lie to upper level mgrs but not to God’s yes God’s will have a judgment Day oh oh Jesus they shameful and shameless those who try to do right that’s party’s that going on abused wasteful parcels mail and time even the ones that cursing out loud tongue will be no more JUSTICE IS IN GOD’S HANDS VICTORY IS HIS NOT MAN THE PRAYERS OF THE EMBEZZLING WILL COME TO AN END THOSE WHO THINK WHAT THEY DOING IS RIGHTS STEAL THE HELL GATE WILL OPEN GOD GIVE EVERY ONE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO TO HEAVEN I NEVER IN MY LIFE SEEN EMPLOYEES WHO DON’T HAVE NO SHAME STEAL FROM THEIRS COMPANY USPS NO SHAME FOR THEIRS NAME AND NO SHAME FOR THEIRS FAMILIES OH OH JESUS YES JUSTICE WILL COME WE WORK IN A WORKPLACE SO CRUEL HATEFUL UNIJUST IF USPS HAD A ZERO TOLERANCE ON CURSING THEY MUST THREW IT OUT 2 YEARS AGO THEY FORGOT OUR STATION (SNITCHES)THAT WHAT MGRS CALL THE ONE THEY DONT LIKE BUT TRUST THEY NEVER FACE GOD’S AND CALL HIM A (SNITCHES) TRUST WHEN YOU MAKE GOD’S ANGRILY YOU WILL BE PERSECUTED AMEN

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