Requesting prayer for healing and wholeness in the weekly Bible Study I’m in. As a participant in any group, tremendous patience, forgiveness, love, grace, and understanding are needed. Lord, help me to be used for only good and not for any evil. To help and not to hurt. For continued strength in the journey here … Continue reading “Courage”

Mental health

Please pray for my mental health. Create in me a new heart and a right spirit. Please pray for restoration. And that God will make me new physically. Pray for my hormones please. Please pray that this emptiness will go away. Please pray for my spiritual health. Please help me by praying for my emotional … Continue reading “Mental health”

My oldest sister, Rose

Please pray for the oldest of my four sisters, Rose , who is a widow. Her husband and she used to have a House of Prayer when he lived. Everyone still calls upon her for prayers but she is a recluse. She mainly stays in her trailer home. Refuses to move to the Valley where … Continue reading “My oldest sister, Rose”


All my req. be gr now and always and for. I receive frron mon-t4aut easy and always and the mst sales,paid in full plud]s,ect, blhair long na d tck perfect eyesite, colored contact pink gums, healty ligh skin, li wh ect, pink lips always and for. ths and more tomm and aleay smills and bills … Continue reading “pr”

Out numbered

Please pray for my girls for their relationship with Jesus to be reconciled also for our relationship to be reconciled. Also asking for prayer for my Socially Security Disability recently this last July 2022Judge made decision in my favor Disabled Took over 3 years. This’s letter came 1 week later This is for SSI. Was … Continue reading “Out numbered”

church fellowship

Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of my husbands passing. We were married for 50 years and had attended the same church together for the past 12 years. 1 pastor has spoken to me briefly about it but none of the other 3 have said anything to me. I sit alone at church … Continue reading “church fellowship”

Help with Addiction

I have been struggling with online pornography use since I was in middle school. I try to quit, but again and again I keep coming back to it. After ten years of this battle, I think it’s safe to say I’m dealing with an addiction. I first discovered porn when I was still just a … Continue reading “Help with Addiction”


Dear Jesus, I ask you today for help with my current situation. Im coming to you laying everything at your feet. I pray that you give me guidance with my thoughts words and actions. Lord guide my life in the direction of your will with the holy spirit. I know I don’t know the future … Continue reading “Guidance”

Woe Man

So much and I seem so little and not enough. Newlywed after a divorce and death of 1st husband 9 years ago. Raising 6 children alone to now being a step mother with some adult children while getting a reversal so me and my husband can conceive. Moving in together in what feels to be … Continue reading “Woe Man”

My life

Heavenly Father, I come to you wanting more out of this relationship with you. Wanting to strengthen my relationship with you. I come to you wanting peace in every aspect of my life. As I work on myself allow me to really dive deep. I know you’ve giving me everything I need to reach my … Continue reading “My life”

prayer petition

Dear god, I come to you to thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I pray to you and ask for healing for my family and myself. mend what is broken and bring forth light to areas of uncertainty with discernment. I ask that my finances be secured so that I … Continue reading “prayer petition”

Us your Resources

Today prayer God and Jeuse help me do Greater Works in his name.Pray for my business God thats grants be written and released in my favor.Pray that my marriage be restored and life with my children family and church be restored. That my life as a mother wife Evangelist be forfuled and the book God … Continue reading “Us your Resources”

A prayer for healing from Covid

Father, You know my sister in law Denise, just as you know she was just diagnosed with Covid. I ask that you heal her, first in heart and Spirit, then in physical health. Draw near to her in this hour of need, and Bless her..


After having baby ive having really bad anxiety. I feel like hormones are all over the place. Now pregnant again and afraid my anxiety gonna worsen.


Please pray for me. My period is coming soon and I’m also PMSing. Please pray I feel fine and not get anxious or worried or to not be afraid. pray id feel better today as I go to the party and see my friends. pray I have confidence about myself and I feel God by … Continue reading “myself”

Salvation for my mother

My mother came from a buddhist family. She was converted and baptised to marry my Catholic father but I don’t sense the Holy Spirit in her. And even now she doesn’t believe in the gospel. Please pray for her salvation.


I need help I have backslide to sinful ways I pray and pray and ask God to forgive me I fill like he don’t hear me I don’t hear him and I know God and know the holly spirit why can’t I fill anything I fill lost I fill guilty for back sliding please help … Continue reading “Faith”

Against Domestic Violence.

Prayers against domestic violence,to continue my healing from a domestic violence marriage,and healing of all the trauma it caused me and my children. I have a blanket ministry for women and children shelters against domestic violence,I ask to flourish my calling to help women in abusive relationships.


Please pray for me. I need help but I don’t need psychiatric help. Please keep me from it. I need to cook and prepare meals. Build a home life for myself Eventhough it’s just me

Prayer request

Please pray for my mother who is 80+ and cannot see from one eye. She went for a cataract and the doc did some thing wrong. My uncle’s memory has gone blank. And my niece who is 20-21 yrs has gone the world way. She wants to marry a Hindu. Pray for her salvation, so … Continue reading “Prayer request”

Bake for the Cure

The closed-down building property that has been constantly for rent with nobody working there at: 372 Vermont Route 6, Shaftsbury, VT 05262 needs doing immediately and it needs more beautification when it needs to be transformed into a new women’s baking books and gifts organization, called, Bake for the Cure, so I have a new … Continue reading “Bake for the Cure”

Blessings on a home

Father please put a home in my path and stop people from cursing my name to keep me from my children. Why do they do that? Jealous? Hatred? I dont understand! I want to feel safe and have a place of my own. Thank you for all the job offers! Im so grateful that you … Continue reading “Blessings on a home”

Oh Father

Lord help us all have a good day! Please work all things for the better! Today my Dad has to go get a blood test. Let everything go well! In Jesus’s name. Please let everything work well for him. I pray he lives a long life blessed and kept content with his life! Let his … Continue reading “Oh Father”


In the name of Jesus. Help me Lord to find a place to live on my own. I am a senior with good health, one small income monthly. Living with daughter and grandson. Poverty. God deliver me. I am a giver. I am concerned about people well being. God created me to Help others. However; … Continue reading “Scared”


Pray God will use me and my kids dad as proof that God and Jesus can exist through Him and that we can do and be better people (living through His will) so that other people can get saved. Pray that I will get a raise at work and find another job when the time … Continue reading “Funding”


pray for:salvation for Loved ones/the world, peace for Israel, Lord’s guidance, protection & blessings, Gallardo & suarez to stop their wickedness/lies/slander/hate, GG sees truth,all evil doings are brought to light, Lord returns soon & believers are prepared. pray for healing over: Phil Sam Tok Nicky GG & Suarez’s mental health & evilness ,Christina’s health shoulder … Continue reading “Prayers”

Walking by Faith

On yesterday, I tithed to my church and I pray that God will multiply my tithe 100 fold. Today is the end of May and on June 1, 2021 I have to pay close to $4,000 for my lease at the office and my rent at home. It is ludicrous to think that God will … Continue reading “Walking by Faith”

Walking by Faith

On yesterday, I tithed to my church and I pray that God will multiply my tithe 100 fold. Today is the end of May and on June 1, 2021 I have to pay close to $4,000 for my lease at the office and my rent at home. It is ludicrous to think that God will … Continue reading “Walking by Faith”

Prayer for a miracle

Hello, Two days ago I had chronic pain, I couldn’t sit or walk or sleep. It was an absolute bereavement, I got hospitalized and today I got to know from the doctor that I have a dangerously large cyst on my ovary. The doctor said I will have to get it surgically removed and that … Continue reading “Prayer for a miracle”

Family and friends

Pray God will continue to soften the hearts of family and friends around me and bless their hearts and minds and give them seeing eyes hearing ears sound minds and strong understanding hearts Pray God will convict the hearts of family and friends and especially my kids dad and the word of God will fall … Continue reading “Family and friends”

For My Darling Mazz

Oh God may you protect my mazz from all the dark forces that is currently lowering his hopes of life and his oxygen quantity and I seriosuly want u to just hear his whisper chanting “god u suck” because he seriosuly want a gf ..pls god …just give him one and I shall sacrifice all … Continue reading “For My Darling Mazz”

Salvation for Valentina

My mother in law is living in Russia taking care of her mom who is terminally ill and bedridden. I have contacted a local missionary who is willing to visit her, I don’t believe she has ever been presented with the gospel. My Russian is so rudimentary that I would not be able to do … Continue reading “Salvation for Valentina”

Personality/addiction issues

Pray that people with personality issues will be able to change their behaviors and can have acess to the therapy/social worker/psychological help they need to help them become the people God know they can be and if/when they begin to revert back to old behavior it will be pointed out to them immediately so they … Continue reading “Personality/addiction issues”

Pray for my husband

My husband passed away in January from Covid. I know he is with the Lord and no longer suffers. I however am lost without him. I’m so lonely and don’t know how to deal with the house and yard, the cars and other mechanical things. My children are grown and live far away from me. … Continue reading “Pray for my husband”


I’m trusting the Lord for clarity. There is a woman in my life, but we are finding it hard to commit. One moment she is in love, and the moment she doesn’t want to pursue the relationship anymore, without any issues. This confuses me a lot. I need clarity if she is the one or … Continue reading “Relationship”

Prayers for Healing

Father God First l wanna say Thank you for receiving me as your child for forgiveness of all my sins. Strengthen me in my mind, body, and heart in Yo Word.Help me to help share your Word so others will see you thru me.Save my Son’s Oh Lord, please open their eyes so that they … Continue reading “Prayers for Healing”

Prayers for daughter

My middle aged never-married daughter is undergoing fertility treatments via IVF, donor sperm. Her hormones are apparently off the hook. She has spent the past 3 days volleying one accusation after another at me via text and enraged phone calls. She said she was going to block my number, but then continued to volley accusations … Continue reading “Prayers for daughter”


Heavenly father, I’m currently seeking an answer. I want to follow the right path. I leave my family worries, my pregnancy, marriage and everything that’s doubtful in your hands. I’m tired and I do not enjoy feeling with such stress, anxiety and depression. Please give me clarity on what is best for my family and … Continue reading “Clarity”

In need of prayer

Please pray for me. I’ve had an anonymous stalker for 4 years now. The police have failed to intervene. It started after I became a whistleblower at the company that I worked for for 9.5 years. I experienced daily harassment and I ended up sick from it. After I went on medical leave, the anonymous … Continue reading “In need of prayer”

Two witnesses

Pray God will unlock a double portion of the mantles of Elijah and Moses for me and my kids dad who just took off to the Isreal area because he is “Christian” but actually Jewish. I feel like I’m supposed to save/deliver people here in America and he is supposed to do in Isreal/Jeruselum. Pray … Continue reading “Two witnesses”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray Louisiana courts wjll review the life sentence given to an Afirican American man for stealing hedge clippers. Pray he will get an appropriate sentence that would be the same as everyone else (if they eliminated racial profiling) which probably wouldnt/shouldnt be more than a 6 months sentence. Pray racist/sexist/ageist/education etc basicially any type of … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”