Woe Man

by Anita ()

So much and I seem so little and not enough. Newlywed after a divorce and death of 1st husband 9 years ago. Raising 6 children alone to now being a step mother with some adult children while getting a reversal so me and my husband can conceive. Moving in together in what feels to be his home in a whole other city no family and making new friends while old ones are so far. My son and husband 15 to 16 at the time had issues adjust to each other and changes so he went to live with my brother. His son came to live from his hometown after he graduated and turned 18. There is more…. I over think. Their was to me some secrets kept of womanizing and more at the beginning of marriage problems that seem to have gotten resolved but some truths keep coming to light.I always had everything on my own and independent. So if I get upset or feel wronged I speak up. My words are not soft as I would like but I’m trying…..I need order and structure I’m lonely often but never alone my father passed a 2 years before I we’d. Anxiety and mess for his loss. Help me Jesus meet me please where I am and help me to navigate

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