I pray we will all live our lives happy, good music/dancing and good conversation, Bible studying with gentle and empathic hearts giving glory to God and most of all full of laughter and genuine friendship with someone who will never leave and always be there for us. I pray for this for all my family … Continue reading “Happiness”

Personality/addiction issues

Pray that people with personality issues will be able to change their behaviors and can have acess to the therapy/social worker/psychological help they need to help them become the people God know they can be and if/when they begin to revert back to old behavior it will be pointed out to them immediately so they … Continue reading “Personality/addiction issues”

New Life

There are too many things to pray for very hard to pick one. I need to improve my health my Wright is effecting s o many things. I need help. I can’t fight the battle alone, my grown son needs to change his life be set free from his past self esteem to know he … Continue reading “New Life”

Anniversary Prayers

Welcome to our collection of anniversary prayers and prayer request. Nothing is more beautiful thank celebrating the continued success of a happy marriage. Bring God into the celebration with these beautiful prayers.   Anniversary Prayer Lord, we thank you for this couple and for all of the years that they have had together. Today, as … Continue reading “Anniversary Prayers”