Urgent prayer for our marriage, divorce, and adultery.

by Ryan ()

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please be in prayer for my wife, Jenny. She’s wandered and started an online relationship with another man. She’s told me she wants a divorce. I have autism that we found out about last year. Before we found out, she just thought I was just different. For some reason though, finding out that it was autism (Asperger’s) and not just me that made me different, somehow affected her. Since then I have found resources that have changed my life in how I react to the world. For the first time in my life I have a way to manage it. I have made great strides since reading several of these books on the matter. She has said she’s noticed it a lot as well. But that also scares her and I don’t know why. She says she can’t handle the autism anymore. But the truth is, I’ve always had it, from birth. So nothing in that regard has changed. So the whole talking with strange men on video chats and distancing from me at the same time doesn’t seem like it is autism-related, considering all the years we’ve been together.

We just had our 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday. She had mentioned divorce a few weeks ago, but we’ve been working on our relationship even more since then. God has been moving mightily since that time, pulling things out of our hearts, speaking directly to us about past pains/regrets. As God moved, Satan also has been moving. After one victory, he comes in and destroys everything again. This guy she’s been talking to has been feeding her with lies of hell. She just hasn’t seen him for what he is yet. No different that the serpent in the garden, deceiving Eve. Everything God has been working on and changing in her heart is in jeopardy. He’s moved more in the last couple of weeks than He has in the last several years. It’s been awesome and amazing.

We went to church Saturday. During the worship and the message, God was speaking to us in a powerful way that we have never seen before. After service we both felt strongly lead to go down to the altar for prayer to restore our marriage. One of the staff who prayed for us happened to be the pastor of the care ministry for marriage counseling. She herself was a divorcee who’s husband left her after 20 years. She was imploring her that to at least try to save the marriage and go to counseling; to let God heal it. She said that it doesn’t get easier if she quits on the marriage now, it only gets harder and that she will be filled with a life of regrets. Jenny agreed and said she would try and they prayed for us. After church God was speaking to us for over an hour in the parking lot and was showing us amazing things in our lives and our future. It was one of the most intense encounters we’ve ever had. But yesterday, Satan attacked again. She refused to speak to me the entire day and spoke with that guy for over 12 hours. The next thing I know I’m seeing a charge from American Airlines in my email. I confronted her about it, and she said she didn’t have to tell me what it was for. I tried to talk it out for over an hour but to no avail. The entire time we were talking she had him on the chat, refusing to end the chat.

This morning, she seemed to be back more to her old self and I was reassuring her that she hasn’t gone too far yet. God was telling her she still has a chance to make the right decision and that she needs to end that relationship immediately and not meet him. God wants her to turn back to Him. She has a choice to make, Him or this guy. She said she chooses God and seemed to understand. We both felt Him say that He wants her to start a 48 hour fast from all text messages, video chats, emails, phone calls, etc. so she can solely focus on Him. She said she agreed to it. He said He would do a miracle after the 48 hours if she would hold to it. Something we both felt.

Please be praying for the restoration of our marriage, that she can end this affair before it’s too late, that she has the strength to endure the fast, resisting the temptation to answer or contact this guy during this time, that she will devote this time to Him and to open her heart to hear what God is telling her, and that she will give our marriage the chance it deserves by submitting to God, and that she will honor her word before God, myself, and the pastors who prayed with us and get counseling with me.

Thank you for your prayers. I’m expecting great things from God from this! Praise be to His name and glory forever and ever. Amen!

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