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May God forgive and protect me and deliver me from all that I am about to tell you and God forbid that I don’t do the sexual things that Alexander is doing

Alexander watches porn constantly, he receives constantly videos of ladies of all ages shaking in front of him and doing many sexual things Alexander does not care the age he often goes inside the shower to masturbate, Alex has sex with all the women that he rents rooms to at the boarding house or brings them to his other house in the basement and has multiple women to have sex, his own daughter yadira whom he often gets drunk and smokes weed whenever she comes to visit him from Miami on a yearly bases to get money out of him she can not wait until he leaves her all his money and properties she is very rude and dresses with seductive clothes he thinks that yadira does not realizes what he does to her when she is wasted but he is mistaken because the next morning yadira is holding him like her boyfriend Alexander says that yadira is his best friend that Alex believes tbe lyes that yadira tells him whenever there is a barbeque in the back yard of the boarding house alexander and yadira get really drunk and dance very close then yadira tempts him with her demonic words to have sex which is alex weakness and she knows it

God forbid me that I don’t have sex with my family ever.

Alexander’s ex-girlfriend who is literally a witch she Nydia made him kick out of his basement a homeless man that was living with Alexander for some time and he obeyed

Since Nydia knows his weakness sex that is how she controls him to get whatever she wants she is so evil that she made him dress like a women wearing lingerie with bras and tongs and convincing him that he is a beautiful woman that he started to believe it that he would wear sometimes these things in public Nydia did this to destroy his self esteem and his reputation as a man that Alexander has kept the clothes and wig Nydia stole from him $18,000.00 dollars

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