Unrestrained evil in my life…

by Kathy ()

For the ongoing evil and wrong made out to be right with participants who lack integrity and the so-called Christians who clearly do not have Christ within, but the devil’s spirit instead to go along and become “Puppets” in different ways, and are part of the problem instead of the solution. And this includes my own family who do not believe and believes the strangers who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” brainwashing, influencing, convincing and manipulating people in their wickedness and sickness…a sickness so deep with revenge, retaliation and an unforgiving hateful, prejudice spirit for thirty years now…Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt and praying for this out of control, unrestrained, diabolical evil to end in my life and the people responsible to change from their wicked, evil ways so that the could be healed and so then have the ability to forgive and let the past go and stop interfering, meddling and invading my privacy and rights, to respect my wishes to be left alone, a a right they have deprived me off, with their so-called good by “means” that are illegal, wrong, and are crimes. I also pray that justice will be served in God’s timing, and that they will be exposed for who they are and what they have been doing to me since 1992…crimes that they continue to get away with, and pray for these crimes and the people they use to do it, will be held accountable and that these crimes will not go unpunished. God bless you!

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