Unloved and unwanted

by Jill ()

I would like someone to pray for me. I feel unwanted, not needed. My parents were very young when they had me. Making sure I always knew that I was reason they had to marry. I have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders since I was a very young child. I try to be a decent mom but my daughter and my niece (I have had guardianship since she was 4 she’s 17 now) both HATE me. Not normal teens hating parents. Much deeper. They are horrid, mean, call me names. My life partner 15 years is NEVER intimate, never cuddles, never says he loves me. I truly feel unlovable. On top of all this my daughter made some bad choices and I am the one facing charges. I had NOTHING to do with any of it. If this is a real prayer group I sure can use a friend. I’d be so appreciative if someone would say some prayers for me. Each day I become closer, and closer to stopping the pain, the feeling of not being loved or cared about. I thought I was doing a decent job but…
If you would say a prayer for me I would say a prayer or two for me and this situation I would be grateful.
Jill feeling lost. Tired. And always alone

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